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i was caught going down on my boyfriend by my mom outside the library in his old beat up car when we first started dating. i was just humilated
I was visiting my mom and introducing my (then) Girl Friend. We went there for a few days before returning home. Well, my folks had gone to work one morning and my gf and I were in the mood but she wasnt wanting to do anything until we got home. Well I convinced her that it was ok and we started out slow and quiet. then we got into it pretty good. I was laying on my back and she was riding me (reverse cowgirl) leaning back to me. i had one hand on her tit and the other rubbing her clit and she was gettin ready to explode!!!! I was too for that matter! :-D when all of a sudden we hear " OH LORD"!!! we both look up and we see my 78 year old grand mother standing in the door way...... no covers to be found ..... She shut the door and we got dressed and took showers and packed and left that day! never talking about it again until now!!! Well it was fun, and kinda wild but gross knowing your grand mother saw EVERYTHING we both had to offer!!! KissHugKiss
While visiting my sister-inlaw my wife and I got caught in the heat of passion on the livingroom floor by her sister and a friend when she came home from work early one day. It was somewhat embrassing for both my wife and I...
Sounds like Fun!Kiss
this is cool and relaxing so help me out and im me pleaseHugKissLaughing
Been There, Done That & It'll Most Likely Happen Again BUT I've Always Felt Kinda Smug About It.........:)
i like to sniff , smell and lick the crusty leftovers inside the crotch and sniff the rearend of any girls or womans panties. i sometimes will masturbate into them , but not always .... I like to get the spot all wet with saliva and then wear them onmy head , so the spot in resting agains my nose, so i have two hands free to finger fuck myself and masturbate. i also like wearing panties while i suck dicks, it helps the feeling for me.. I got started with panties , after watching my mom getting dressed for work in the morning, at the age of about 6-7 , i think. she would be wearing a white bra and white panties , or panty girdle , and she always looked so prettty., sometimes I would wait up and sneak peeks at her while she did things with Men she brought home… mostly , she kissed Men and let them rub their hands all over her , then she usually undid their pants and got their dicks out and sucked them .. i liked getting into the laundry basket and trying the underthings on. and sniffing the crotches of my moms panties. we lived with my gr.parents for most of my younger life so, i sniffed my grmothers , and my younger sisters , too. along with my panty searches and sniffing and licking, i had an uncle who would visit quite regularly and always touch me and fondle me whenever we were alone. I can remember him feeling my dick through my pants and asking , ' how big is it ? ' at first i was very uncomfortable with him touching my dick , but the more he did it, i started to like the feeling of getting hard. i felt uncomfortable but i liked the feeling of having a boner. i wasnt old enough to have an orgasm , but the feeling of having a boner was heavenly. he would fondle , rub, touch and press on my hard little boner. one particular time he got me hard , and then he undid his pants and dropped his underwear and showed me his cock and played with it while he fondled mine.. then he said , ' you can see mine , lemme see yours ' and he started to undo my pants... i couldnt take my eyes off of his hard cock sticking out through a mound of brown curly and kinky hair, i was hypnotized by his cock. it looked so long and thick and so stiff and hard. ( from that moment on i was addicted to looking at dicks, soft or hard , it didnt matter. i just loved the way a dick looked, especially on someone much older than me.)then, he knelt down between my legs and took my dick into his mouth and was sucking my little tiny dick, it was so hard , all 1and ½ " of it. he was frantically masturbating while he was sucking my dick.... then he stopped suddenly and backed off of my dick , he cupped one hand at the end of his now dark red cock, and i watched as he white milky fluid squirted out into his cupped hand, i looked up at his face and his eyes were closed , when they opened , he looked into my eyes , then his dropped to look at my dick, which was still stiff. Then he lifted his cupped hand to his mouth and licked the insides of his hand for all the gooey cumjuice. and he said 'you want some ?' as he held his hand out , i shook my head, no.... then he said , 'next time.. then.. it will help you grow lots of hair down there , like me'..... all the older boys had hair down there , i always saw it when the gyms classes sometimes showered together. that was my favortie time of the school day, looking at all the different dicks on all the different boys.. there is a point to all of this, really ...
Oneday , i was home alone after school. sis had gone shopping with, my older brother was still at school , football practice, was working and so was my mom. i was home alone , in the basement and i had two laundry baskets full of dirty clothes , more importantly , lots of bras , panties, girdles, nylons, garter belts,.... i was in heaven, i couldnt get my boy clothes off fast enough and was trying everything on ... i was so excited, i remember walking around in the basement , swishing my butt back and forth while i walked around in my sexy underwear, just like my mom. my little boner was forming a small point agaiinst the panties, i felt so good, i felt so sexy, i felt so real , i felt so alive ..... then i was in shock!!! i froze, my butt started to tingle , i didnt know what to do , i wanted to run away , but i couldnt move... my BIG FAT CHUBBY Uncle was sitting on my bed watching me and i have no idea for how long ... he pointed his finger at me , then made the motion to ' come over her ' with his finger... as i walked over to him, my dick was getting softer and softer, i was so embarrassed, i felt so dirty , so nasty , so very naughty.. i stood directly in front of him as he sat on the bed, he reached out and took my little dick into his fingers and started working it , back and forth , pulling on it , gently , massageing it and talking..... 'its ok tommy, some boys want to be girls.. some boys should be girls.. and SOME little boys ARE girls... , do you like wearing girl clothes , tommy? ( by this time , his fondling and pulling on my dick had it rock hard again ) then i answered , " yes ".... he said , ' i know you do , and its ok... but your mother cannot find out , right ? ' ... i nodded in agreement... he put his hands on my shoulders and gently forced me down to my knees ... then he said to me, ' be a good girl , get my dick out and suck it.... do it ' so i undid his belt buckle , unbuttoned the button on his trousers, unzipped the zipper , opened his pants , he adjusted his cock and his stiff cock was sticking out through the fly in his boxer shorts ... he placed his hand on my head and gently pressed my face closer to his hard cock, i opened my mouth on the way down and felt the soft flesh brushing past my lips and realized i was going to have to open my mouth wider... which i did and once it was in , i felt like i was born to do this..he kept repeating , ' good girl .. good girl ' ..i felt so good , so sexy, so naughty, so dirty, so ultimately perfect, ... finally sucking on a mans cock, while wearing my girlie underwear.. i was in heaven... then i heard him say ' im gonna cum ' and i felt the gush of warm fluid hit the roof of my mouth , then another , and another , my mouth was fillling up with his juice..., i didnt swallow it , i spit it out into my hand , he lifted my hand to his mouth , and licked a little bit of it , so i did , too... then he did it again and then i did , but he held his hand there and told me to lick it all .... so i did .. that was the start of it, i think my mom found out about it because after that , my mom dressed me as a little girl, complete , with makeup, lipstick, wigs, earrings, necklaces, , not to mention bras, panties, nylons, hi heels, blouses, skirts , dresses and perfumes EVERY halloween after that and i loved it… even thru my teen years until I finally left home about 25, she helped me to " dress like a girl ", every Halloween … I even won a few contests for being the best costume a number of times…. But that was a long long time ago…. I couldn't pass , ever , now….but I still like to dress now and again..
not been caught myself but have seen my oldest sister rubbing her clit. an amazing sight! laying back on her bed, skirt pulled up, knickers pulled down a little rubbing herself. she didn`t know i saw her. mmmmmm i`ll never forget what i saw
My mom caught me and my brother fucking twice
This is myour younger sister
I have walked in on my sisters and caught them getting themselves off in various ways and sometimes I joined in and made em cum even more
My daughter has walked in on me a couple times while I was masturbating. Last time she walked in, she got naked and started rubbing her pussy beside me
Many moons ago I was staying at my Aunt's house. She was just divorced so my mom had me stay with her for a little while. I was almost 13 woke up hard so I started jerking I looked up and saw my Aunt looking so I stopped. She said keep going and walked over and sat on the bed and watched licking her red lips. This happened a few times. Then one morning she woke me up by jerking my cock then she wrapped her red lips around it. After that every time I went over I got a good morning blow job. Through the years she showed me alot about sex till she remarried. But every so often she would give me a bj.
That is so tucking hot! I swear to god I got caught by my Aunt when I was around 16. Similar deal, she walked in, I stopped and she apologized for not knocking, but told me to continue. She just stood at the door way till I came. She smiled. Closed the door and it never happened or was spoken of again. I still jerk off thinking about it. I told my girlfriend the other night while we were fucking and she canes so fast and so hard.
I fuck my
I was naked with a family member we were same age and when out hill we had sleep in same bed at night she let me get her naked and fuck her from back I cum in her any time we could get where we could We get naked and I fuck her like to get her off
My Mother use to babysit a girl down the not actual Family but we thought of her as was a few years younger than use to always have her take a nap after was always horny and would lay in bed and rub her knew this because she took a nap in my bed and when she got up the whole room would smell of wet pussy and a wet spot on my sheets...I would be turned on as a young teen and go into the bathroom and lay on the floor and jack ng about day after she got up...I was in the bathroom laying on the floor with a rock hard cock and jacking to lock the walked in on I still remember her eyes got real big as she just stared at my throbbing closed the we were young,,,but she sat on top of me and rubbed her wet pussy up and down my cock...I did not penetrate she rubbed her pussy up and down my cock til I came hard...I still remember she asked if she could taste she tried some of my part that was the last time she ever made me this day I still wish I could shove my Hard cock deep inside her wet pussy
when I was Young my mother babysat a girl from down the was a few years younger and always after lunch my mom made her take a always was in my bedroom and in my was always horny and would play with her pussy and smell up the whole room and leave a wet spot on my sheets...I would always get turned on and go into the bathroom and jack day I forgot to lock the door and she walked in on I was naked on the floor jacking eyes got big and she came in and closed the pulled up her dress and off came the panties remember that young bald sat dawn on my hard cock and rubbed her pussy up and down my shaft...I did not penetrate rubbed my cock til I she asked if she could taste my that was the one and only this day I think about putting my hard cock deep inside her wet pussy.....
My sister and I had been fucking for about six months. We were in the living room with my sis bouncing on my cock. Mom never got home early so we figured we’d be daring. Well mom came home early, sis saw her and smiled. Mom watched for a few minutes and just said to come talk to her when we finished. We did and went into her room still naked, and my cum running down sis leg. Mom asked how it started, and how long we’d been fucking. She said she was shocked sis wasn’t pregnant yet since it was obvious no protection was used. She made an appointment for sis to get on the pill. That night we had a family conversation and it was decided sis would move into my room and her room would be kept for appearance.
I like to get high and walk the neighborhood too see if I see any naked fun thru window
My mom caught me a few times. Would always pause for a couple mins and ask if it felt good
Caught By Family Member on Bisexual PlaygroundCaught By Family Member on Bisexual PlaygroundCaught By Family Member on Bisexual PlaygroundCaught By Family Member on Bisexual Playground

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