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We Love chatrooms because of meeting new people and making new friends. But also be aware there are some really nasty people out there and I am not just talking about your normal predetors. This also includes the law. Just remember they are trying to keep our kids safe from the normal everyday dangers. Just like the site Moderators. IconU4DragonIconLRWolf
I enjoy chatrooms just simply because it is a fun way to pass time. Lucian in particular just seems to read more than anything, so he's usually lying on the bed reading while I mess around online.
I like chat rooms and normally like going into yahoo rooms, but lately it seems all I run into in there are bots. It is really hard to find real people in there talking especially women; they are extremely rare when I am in there. My wife is normally either off some where with her boyfriend or doing something else so she doesn’t go into them that much with me. I am the one normally online most of the day.
Any help with locating good chat rooms? Any ones that you enjoy? Interested in bi-sexual groups..sexual topics in type people chats??? Tahnks...Have Fun
The lobby here on BP is the way I have found to meet new folks ....just people:)
I've met some amazing people in chatrooms and/or online groups...thank you internet! LOL and Kiss
I've met alot of wonderful people in chatrooms. I met my wonderful hubby in one :)
i been looking for bi girls or lesbian to talk and i can't find one alittle help :(
Im a single woman looking for hot cybersex with woman only
Chatrooms on Bisexual PlaygroundChatrooms on Bisexual Playground

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