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Now here is a interest I think 90% of the site will chose. There is so many people that need this to function in the morning. I am not one of the, but my laura is. It tastes great and gives a good energy boost, but i prefer mine with french vinilla cream added to it and of course sugar. Now Laura's cream will just be as good as french vinilla IconU4DragonIconLRWolf
I realize that a majority of the poeple who come here are primarily looking for is not a bad thing to look for, but there so many other things to look for in a I love to hang out at a coffeehouse and talk about whatever comes to mind. Politics, weather, baseball, good food and wine.......enjoying a coffee and conversation can be as stimulating as good sex. And a good deal safer too.;)
I do agree with Hotstiv, I mean, look at the huge list of different things people are interested in... And not all of these interests involve sex persay. Lucian and I do enjoy going to a coffeehouse and having a coffee while simply talking, playing chess, or simply relaxing. A great way to get to know someone new is to have a nice hot drink with them in a quiet corner of a room that holds the delicious aroma of coffee.. Damn, now I REALLY need a coffee...:)
I couldnt agree more. I gave up alcohol and cigarettes two years ago, got my health turned around, and now realize what i missed not knowing who, where or what I was when intoxicated. I actually enjoy remembering who Im doing or whos doing me. The strongest thing I drink anymore is breakfast blend decaf. And no, my life is not boring.
We both enjoy a good caffiene buzz
Coffee on Bisexual PlaygroundCoffee on Bisexual PlaygroundCoffee on Bisexual PlaygroundCoffee on Bisexual Playground

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