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I would love to service both members of a couple. Perhaps give him a massage and head while she watches and then massage her and go down on her while he watches. But with a couple I know and trust it could get much wilder.
Hello, this is the topic that brought me to this site. While I've had some BDSM experiences with women I've been wanting to meet a couple to explore with and be dominated by. While I've had submissive fantasies since I was a teenager, maybe 10 years ago, I started being turned on by attractive couples (including my neighbors in several cases) and started having a fantasies about being a slave to a couple. A few years ago, I used to live in an apartment across the hall from a really hot couple and I had fantasies that one night I would go kneel outside their door, ring the bell, and perform oral on whichever one of them answered and be their household slave after that. Of course, I can distinguish hot fantasy from real exploration - and if you're a hot dominant couple that feels the same way - maybe we should chat.
I would love to find a dominating couple in the Vt area to have there way with me. mmmmm
My wife has 'given' me to other men -- ordered me to strip and display myself before guests -- men and women -- and held me by the hair while men fucked my mouth. We especially enjoy when she binds me over a footstool, with legs spread and wide open for men to fuck me as I squirm and whimper, helpless to resist.:-D
totally would love to find a couple to dominate me ...
We would love to find a couple in the Florida panhandle or the tri-state are who would be willing to totally dominate Billy as I take pictures of the action...:)
MY oldest and favorite fantisy. As far back as I can remember I've had (and still do) this reoccurring dream, to be completely dominated by a couple. On several occasions, My first wife & I dominated mostly one woman. We also played with two separate couples making them our submissave sex slaves. In both cases, they were employees & that seemed to be a power factor. It was fun, but I haven't given it much thought sence we went our separate ways. But, I still fantize & dream of being the one to be dominated by one or more couples. :)
def would get into being used by a dominating couple ... def hot ... see how far they could push my limits ....
I love having a couple dominate and use me for whatever sexual fantasy they like. I would love to find a couple near me near Raleigh NC that would use me like that on a regular basis...
This is a good place to start my journey into becomming a sissy/slave.
any couples want a sub cum slut?
Im ready FLORIDA
my dream is to mhave 2 fems domme me and make me their sissy slut and dress me in latex and thigh high boots:)
I love to be the bitch that serves a couple. Whether it is a gay or str8 cpl I love to be their faithful servant
Say Hello Ever One ? My Name is Dennis and I am All Bottom ? For Both The Sex's ? In Philly or Around It ? And Very Interested In Know Me Both on and Off Line ? Just Do Stop On By My Profile and Do Say Hello and Ask To Meet Off Line Some Time ? KissHugFlower:)
It would be a dream come true
would love to be used
I remember when my bosses husband use to come into work... He was so hot... The night of the Christmas party I don't know who fucked me harder but you could tell they weer getting off competing over who could use me more... Even though they were humiliating and degrading I've never seemed so loved... Not to mention the forced throat jobs and office strap sessions... Eating cum on the clock
Anyone want to dominate a neutered Sissy in So Cal?:)
I would love to lick your wifes pussy while your fucking her . and everytime you pull your cock from her pussy I want to suck her pussy juice off your cock In and out your cock from her pussy to my hot mouth.
Couples Dominating Men on Bisexual PlaygroundCouples Dominating Men on Bisexual PlaygroundCouples Dominating Men on Bisexual PlaygroundCouples Dominating Men on Bisexual Playground

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