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I like the expression, and men who enjoy sharing their wife. I've met some couples like this, and there is several levels of play. I'd love to hear other stories. Thanks.
Nothing is more exciting than watching my wife tease, flirt and dance with strangers ... except watching her leave the bar them ... not knowing when she will return or what she will be doing at any given moment that night ... it is an incredible turn-on wating patiently at home for eventual return
Concept of cuckolding is very erotic to both of us! Wondering how many others out there that enjoy this also?
What does cuckold mean?
Would like to meet another local couple that enjoys this as we would like to experiment with this. Possibly a single male if they want to get to know us first.
ddffree bi male loves to suck the juices out of a hot wet pussy while hubbt or bf shoots the load and i lick it up and then lick his cock clean or a 69 with him dong doggie me underneath in 69 and then get both juices, i love creampies.Kiss:-P
Still looking for a Cuckold Couple anywhere who would like to play.Kiss
To answer an old question from SZEEK.about what it is to be cuckold. Properly slelled cockold. A male chastity device worn to prevent an erection and/or prevent any stimulation of the penis is to be cockold.CBT 2000 is a type of such device. I had one but found it difficult to sleep with.
Kylie you are incorrect a cuckold couple is where the woman is free to have sex with anyone she wants while the male stays faithfull to her. Actually in the strictest sense of the word it is a husband who has a cheating wife without his knowing but in todays world there are many variations to it. Some include chasitity, some of the husbands are used as fluffers and cleanup boys for the wifes lover/lovers.
NoVA/DC area top seeking a cuckold cpl to entertain and pleasure me. Can travel or host.
I have often fantasised of a 3 some with a husband and wife. I would Iove to have as many varities of sexual penatration with them as they desired, and to double penatrate her along with her husband would be like Wow!!! To then have her use a dildo on him while he gave me head would be so exciting........... The many , many sexual variations available with a Bisexual couple turn me on imencely. I love having sex with a woman, and to be able to have her husbands oral and anal treats to work on is a sexual tryst ...I am so very anxious to share this experience with a couple. Perhaps this will turn a Bisexual couple on as it does me...I hope so.Hug
i would love to meet any cuckold cpls in the radcliff ky area
I have had a few cuckold experiences with couples. One of my favorites was with this couple I saw on a regular basis where the husband was a total sub. We would role play where his wife would invite me over and as soon as I got there, he was our total slave and sevant. He would wait on us hand and foot, call me Master and call his wife Lady. He would serve us lucnh on the patio and we would order him to crawl under the table and perform oral on one of us for a couple of minutes. We would totally degrade him. We made fun of his small cock. She and I would be naked and he would have on only an apron. We would make him sit in the corner of the room and watch us fuck and she would tell him how great it was and that he would never be able to please her that way. Sometimes we would close the door and make him listen from the other side. Lots of times I would cum on her and we would force him to lick it off his beloved. She would yell at him "Look what this stud is doing to your wife". We always made him clean us up too, even after anal. Sometimes they let me bring a friend over and we would lock him on the porch but left the widow hopen so he could see and hear what we were doing. She liked it rough an nasty and we would fuck her all day, do some mild B&D on her. We used to love to DP her, all the while telling him what a hot slut he had for a wife. We never let him cum either. Sometimes the wife and I would tease him with some oral but only enough to get some pre-cum. It turned us all on. Especially when they heard me say to him "Sit the fuck down and don't say anything. I'm going to take your beautiful sluty soulmate and make her cunt my own". And I proceeded to ravish her like a whore and say "Look what I'm doing to your wife. You could never fuck her like this and I a better never hear of you trying either". It was awesome! What a thrill.
We have but, my (Rob) family doesn;t think that it is healthy ... I love my wife but after being married seveal years it may be time to help her find a new cuck ... I can not afford not to ...... any way llets jut say that I believe that my wife (Val) will soon be looking for a new playmate .... I just hope that he knows that if he doesn't treat her well .... just because we will no longer be WITH each other does not mean that I will allow any to hurt my childs mother ... or my WIFE .. This may be MY last post. Good-bye all Rob Hug
Would like to meet a Muture couple with a Cuck husband to fluff me and watch as i fucked the wife and then clean us both up after....and more. Couple in 60's or 70's for friendship and sex is good! Mac, n SD,Ca
We have had our own form of cuckolding our interpretation, i participate. Usually as a slave submissive bitch which i love. My gf will have me entertain her as she instructs me to do things to the guy and to her. I love to get him hard by sucking his cock as she pushes my head down onto his cock making me gag and choke. I get drinks, obey orders. Once he was on top of her and she used my face as a step to push on as he pounded her pussy. That was so fucking hot. The harder he fucked her the more she was pushing and grinding her foot into my face. The guy will grab me by the hair and bring my cunt face over and he will pull out his cock from her pussy and tell me to lick her off if it. I also like to be under her watching him fucking her brains out. This way if I'm lucky i get to suck him off when he pops out. Usually when he is ready to cum she will grab me by my hair and make me take it in my mouth and all over my face.... When there are more than one guy, it really gets to be fun. The verbal abuse, and physical stuff is so hot as long as everyone respects boundaries. I unfortunately don't have that is our form of slave cuckold....
We are a mature couple.My husband loves to watch me having sex with another guy or guys.Have been gang bang one time by seven men.Husband cleans up my pussy after a guy shoots a big load of cum in me.Must be healthy ,clean and DF.
he knew that I would do anything for her attention, especially if it meant that she would play with me. She knew I was aroused by her naughty tales of infidelity. This opened her up to exploiting my secret desire to be her sissy slut slave! Her manner to lure me to the bedroom, where she would spread for me, and tell me the only way I could have a taste is if I admitted that I was her sissy slut boy! I would be forced to say out loud" Yes I am a sissy slut boy!" ..OR state that I really wanted to be treated like a sissy slut.. Spanked,dresses as a sissy slut, forced to please and by that she meant dressing and waiting for her to come home after a "date" with any man she could find to empty their seed into her lovely pie. She would have me saying anything, she knew I was ashamed that I actually enjoyed her exploits with other men..In other words a CUCKOLD! YES..She had cuckolded me! The first time she saw me unable to hide my erection when she described how she had been taken hard and deep by a guy from work, she began to laugh and torment me with her domineering manner. She found stories and confronted me with them. The first time She ordered me to strip naked and read aloud the nasty stories of forced feminizing, male submission, forced bisexual and cuckold tales. Well, before I could even start the fact that she was taking such a dominate tone with me caused my genitalia to rise and strain.. She only viewed this as her queue to begin total control of our relationship. " Someone likes the thought of other men having their way with me" ..You like to think of their large C**** penetrating me, don't you! Ye..Yes Mistress! She would laugh and force me to my knees... Hiking up her dress ..grabbing my head by the hair..pulling me violently to her swollen and dripping slit!! My face hurting from the force she was using to bury my nose and mouth into her dripping lips.. Clean it all up sissy boy!! I had no choice but to comply with her perverted demands.. In order to keep from suffocating I would slurp and swallow just to get a gasp of air between her reckless mounting of my face!! "That's it slut" she firmly whispered.. "Lap it all up". . The very thought of being forced to clean up the cum of another man both frightened and aroused me.. I was so aroused by her domination I was practically in a dream state.. I needed to taste the seed from her lover..I wanted to swallow every last sticky drop.. My face glistening from her own secretions and that of the spent lovers.. she paused to tell me that I was to clean her bottom as well..I was soon so caught up in this taboo activity, I became her tool.. Hers to use in whatever manner.. She soon made me simulate oral prowess on her adult life like vibrator..She forced the life like appendage into my mouth and demanded I take most into my throat. She would use the toy until it was thick with her fluid and then order me to lick, love and succumb to this act. She was only getting started in her deliberate indoctrination of me to be her fem slut. She had plenty of idea's to satisfy her own enjoyment of our nasty scenes. She too was transported into a level of libido that we both never thought possible. And she was not about to give up her new found pleasure. We both understood what was once taboo was out of the bag and each too excited to want to stop . I was not ready, or so I thought to actually share my dark fantasies..but once she was aware of them and blatantly calling me on them.. I was hers to use.. To be cucked is one thing, to be hers is quite another.Kiss
I woulId love to be cucked by a sexy women and hot man. It would be perfect if that man was a black man. mmmmm I will submit I will submitt
i would love to cuck for a couple
Hello to everybody, I'm Andy, 33 years old Black Male from Florida. I'm looking for new friends all over USA (and the world - lol ) ... I love to travel and can host. Feel free to contact me Hug Kisses Hug
Looking for a hot couple to let meeat the creampie after they have fucked. Cleaning you both of all cumis my desire. Love also to wear her clothes...panties and nylons. Pa Delaware County
Would love to eat a smooth pussy while its being fucked and thenest the sperm from her pussy
Mature couple looking for that one male who is interested in a long term sexual and loving relationship with my wife. We both want the man to gradually seduce my wife until she is totally his and I am just a friend to her, maybe even her girl friend. My mind will be stimulated along with the smell, sounds, sites and tastes of their lovemaking, while they are more involved in the more physical parts of lovemaking. I long to be a permanent cuckold to her.
Looking for bisexual bbc to gang bang my wife and and creampie her so I can eat her clean
I love playing with cuckold couples!!
looking to join a cuckold couple in Chicago, and burbs, laid back muscular,d/d free guy
Looking for a cuckoldress in maryland to serve as queen.
Busco unirme a una pareja de cornudos en Chicago y suburbios relajado discreto y libre
Where can I find a girl to create a swing cuckold pair? My parameters are 25/180/80 18 cm .
Need a mature couple who wants me to fuck wife while husband sucks me while I fuck her
Would love to watch someone fuck her.
I'm very interested in trying the cuckold thing
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