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Love it
O so nice!! Yum yum
I love the taste and feel of warm thick cum filling my mouth and sliding down my throat and running down the back of my balls after huge jets of it splattering against my shaved fuckpot!
I'll never forget the feeling of a hard cock filling my mouth with warm thick cum! My best friends stepdad finger fucked my tight shaved fuck pot while I sucked and licked his cut and bulbous headed 7" cock! The thick and salty precum that seeped from his cock tasted so good as I slowly ran my wet mouth up and down his cock shaft while I massaged his swollen balls and took them one at a time into my mouth! It was such an erotic experience to be completely naked next to him, legs spread wide, while he finger fucked me and licked and sucked on my nipples!
Cum on Bisexual PlaygroundCum on Bisexual PlaygroundCum on Bisexual PlaygroundCum on Bisexual Playground

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