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I noticed some guys love the idea of being bathed in cum with a group of guys jearking off on their naked body...I think it is pretty hot too! winks
both of us our looking for a cum bath together.
I would like to have about 20 or more guys cum on me and also have one cum in me at the same time. The more cum the better
definitely on list of things id love to do
My wife enjoys having sex with a male friend and allowing him to slide his hard cock in and out of her until he is about to have an orgasm. However, sometimes when she gets playful she likes it when he pulls his cock out of her and cums all over her stomach and chest. I also enjoy it when a friend fucks me in the ass and sometimes will playfully pull it out and cum all over my stomach or back...:)
One of my biggest fantasies is to be made to either eat or swim in a cumbath of 50+ men. I prefer eating it all, swallowing every load, but I'm not going to be picky when I'm ever given the opportunity ;) ;)
a room full of guys with big dicks all throbbing & ready to spurt their hot cum all over me....I cherish this with painted lips & a hot tongue ! I love being forced to gag on a huge cock ready to cum down my throat or splashing cum all over my face & head.! Kiss.
I get excited at the thought of a bunch of naked men showering me and filling me with their hot semen shooting from their throbbing cocks.
Cum baths
Cum Baths on Bisexual PlaygroundCum Baths on Bisexual Playground

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