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I have to admit i have a huge cum fetish, feed it to me please! The more the merrier! Although having a girl help me out would be an even bigger fantasy!
I know I have a Cum Fetish as I love to have cum shot on my face by as many as possible. Love to have my wife watch as other guys shoot there loads on my face and in my mouth. mmmmmm.
im addicted to cum...:-P
luv having my mouth full of cum....then let it slowly dribble out my mouth
I definitely have a cum fetish. I love seeing Hot White Cum squirt and shoot out of a huge 10 inch cock as it begins throbbing and pulsating with orgasm It just gets me so horny watching mobster cock after monster cock shoot streams of milky white milkshake all over DD Boobs Pussy Ass And especially other cocks cumming like crazy at the exact same time Damn now my 9 1/2 inch cock is oozing pre cum just typing this right now lol
i agree with marvel 7717,that would be my biggest dream come true , seeing many cocks shooting cum at once or the same night,where do you go? have no luck finding that group
Turned bi a couple of years ago,,i was scared to swallow,but this year i did and it was wonderful,now i search for older men for their cum,its addictive, i wish i could find a group of senor men that want to be sucked
I almost came reading Bushpilot's story. I have fantasized about that for years and wish it would come true
I'll admit I have a cum fetish. I love seeing guys cum. I especially love having guys cum all over my face and in my mouth. I just love the texture, feel and particularly the taste of warm cum. Having a guy fill my mouth with hot cum after sucking his cock, makes me cum instantly.
I love cum too. I love sucking cock and have it explode inside my hungry mouth. I love to lick cum out of a woman's pussy.
i LOVE cumm Mmmmm
Cum Fetish on Bisexual PlaygroundCum Fetish on Bisexual PlaygroundCum Fetish on Bisexual PlaygroundCum Fetish on Bisexual Playground

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