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This is one of my favorite fantasies! I want to know that there's someone else's cum in my wife! Makes me hungry! :) Ben
I would love to see my wife get fucked by another guy and have his cum dripping out of her as I strat to fuck her.
:-P I would love to suck and lick the cum out of your wifes pussyLaughing
love to cum in your wifes pussy and suck all the juicy cum out of it adn more adn horny sounds good to meHug
Just the thought of my wife getting fucked, and cummed in so she can make me suck it all out is............
I love for my girl to go out by herself and pick up random guys for her to bring home and fuck in front of me on our bed. Of course I do whatever she tells me to do while they are fucking, she usually tells me to lick his asshole while he is pumping her and of course after he shoots his load deep inside her I am forced to suck him clean as well as suck and eat all the cum from her pussy.
So Cal Los Angeles, 36 bi male that shoots large loads of cum. I need a warm pussy to cum on.
Having eaten my own cum out of my wife's freshly Sex Pussy I have to say that I would love to be under her and engaged with her in 69 while she is being Sex That way I can :-P her Pussy and run my tongue along our friends Cock and balls until he cums inside her. I would than :-P her pussy and his Cock clean of all their mixed juices before taking his Cock in mouth and finishing the job... Yummy!!!
We are currently looking for a male to fuck me while my man watches. If anyone is interested send us an email.
my faggot ass ol man wants me to tell you about one of our here it goes .i had the hotts for this friend of ours,and the truth be known so did my faggot ass ol man,so one day he told him that i wanted to fuck him,we started fucking faggot bitch would sit in the corner and watch, as he fucked me long and hard for hours,finally i looked at my bitch (sittin over in his corner strokin)and told him to cum join us.i took our friends dick out of my hott pussy and shoved it in his faggot ass mouth ! i told him, bitch, suck that dick.he sucked that dick just like a pro fag should.(i just love sissy faggot bitches).our friend shoved his dick back in my wet hot pussy and shot his load(of course i was cumming all over me and him both)and then he grabbed my bitch's head and made him clean his dick up then suck the hott cum out of my pussy!my bitch loved it! now everytime im fucking a friend of ours i make my bitch suck the cum out of my pussy,one of the best feelings ever ,its great!Kiss
Ladies i wish my wife was a fucking slut like you girls and me her sissy faggot non passable crossdressing cock sucking cum eating hubby
Ask her Man! It spiced up our marrige when I told my wife I loved sucking off another guy...and that I want to do it in front of her!:-P
I love letting my girl get fucked. She loves to go clubbing with her girlfriends. Most of the time she ends up hooking up with a guy she has fucked before but sometimes she meets someone new from the club and they either go to her place (we have separate residences) or his and fuck each others brains out. Afterwards, she comes over to my place and we have hot sex with me pushing through some other guys jizz. I love that feeling. I love to lick her pussy a lot of the time too. I cum so hard when she has been fucked. Sometimes I pull out and try to shoot all over her body. I've even hit the wall on many occasion! Sometimes she calls me and leaves her phone connected and I listen to her have sex. I get so hot stroking my cock that I have a hard time not cumming. We have had many threesomes and foursomes. It is a lot of fun to be in the same room with a new pussy watching her take a pounding from a new guy, or friend. I especially like the sounds she makes when the guy pumps his load deep inside her!
Not too long ago I gave my wife a birthday present: a totally hot guy with a 7" cock. He and I made love to her all night and then fell asleep in our bed. I woke up and needed to pee and when I got back he was fucking her hard and deep. I sat down across the room and watched. I could tell she was loving his big cock stroking deep inside her and then she took him over the top. She french kissed him deep and long as he shot multiple wads of hot cum into her. When he finished she rolled him off to the side and continued tenderly kissing him while I spread her legs and sucked his cum out of her hot pussy. His hot cum mixed with her sweet pussy juices tasted sooooooo good. When I'd sucked her dry I slid my hard cock into her pussy. He moved down to her 35DD tits and started licking her nipples while I plunged my tongue deep into her mouth. I could taste his saliva in her mouth and I knew she could taste his cum on my tongue. She started gushing onto my cock and after a few minutes I filled her pussy with my hot cum and felt his lips on her clit and my cock, waiting for me to pull out. I slowly pulled my cock out of her, letting him lick it on the way out, I watched as he sucked my cum out of her pussy until his cock was hard. I put my hand around his beautiful 7" rod and guided it back into her and he and I traded mouthfulls of hot loads of cum from her pussy all morning long.
I am obsessed with watching a man with a thick cock fuck my wife - i will suck his cock as it slips in and out of my wifes pussy. also want to lick his come out of my wifes pussy.
Were both looking forward to having another man cum inside of her and me get the sloppy seconds. Were also trying to find a guy to clean my load out of her after i fill her up,,,,,:-P
Last year we met a well hung very fit bi guy. We did three way oral sex, then took turns fucking my young wife, He came in her pussy four times, I came in her pussy twice, and she came 15 times that night. Best sex ever! and we'd love to repeat it soon
My wife and I have had some seriously HOTTT fun with guys over the years but the hard core turn on for us both is when a stud unloads deep in her pussy. She says that sometimes she can feel it squirting out and that sometimes it feels really hot temperature wise. She loves big loads and feeling her playmates orgasming cock twitch and jerk. After taking a hot load she is usually ready for some easy going oral so she can cum and I am all to happy to assist :) Not to much we have not tried anymore but this scene is always the hottest for both of us.
Always wanted to see another man's sperm running down the crack of her ass when he pulls his cock out of her.
my wife loves to suck cock and eat cum. i love it when she gets fucked and feels sexy like she should.
love to eat her!!!
Interested if your ever down by Roanoke va
Oh yummy
Mmmm… so hot!!
Yummy I love Cream Pie
I would love to see a man seduce my wife. I want to watch him fill her full of cum. She needs it. I need it.
I would love to cum In your wife for you
I must say this post is by far have the most erotic picture and all the woman are total knock out
Sometimes i wish i was a superhero because i would trya 24 fuckfest with all of you beautiful woman to make your desire come true im sure my 13.1 would satisfy you all but then i would kneel over with a heart attack lol
Cum In My Wife on Bisexual PlaygroundCum In My Wife on Bisexual PlaygroundCum In My Wife on Bisexual PlaygroundCum In My Wife on Bisexual Playground

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