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'snowballing' can be fun for friends who play together. I Love to share the goodies.;)
Sounds like something I would like to try. Any body interested?
i never done this before.I think its called snowballing.
I fucked my wife's best friend before we were married and she sucked my cock until I came in her mouth, then she kissed me deeply and pushed the mouthful of my cum and her saliva back into my mouth and told me to swallow it! It was the hottest thing I have ever done in my life and would love to have another man cum in my wife's mouth and have her make me swallow it!
i like the feel of tounge swirling around each other with cum oozing from the corners of both mouths while the cock that just released is slapping against out cheeks
On a trip to San Diego I met a very cute girl in the hotel bar by the beach. After numerous cocktails we took a blanket out to the sand. It was about 10:30 PM and the beach was deserted. We started to makeout and I told her I wanted to cum in her mouth and have her feed it to me. She resisted at first saying she'd never done something like that before and that she didn't like the taste of cum all that much. I told her cum was an aquired taste and she should at least try snowballing once, so she relented. I was hard as a rock and throbbing when she put her lips around the tip of my cock and I exploded with a huge orgasm that felt like it lasted for two or three minutes. I pulled her close to me and whispered to her to feed it to me slowly. She started to ever-so-slowly trickle my cum and her mouth juices into my mouth. The taste, the texture, the experience was amazing. She had one hand holding my head close to hers and then I noticed her other hand was on her clit! She was realllly getting into it; getting herself off while she snowballed me. When she drizzled the last drops into me I was rock hard again so I jammed my cock into her hot pussy, which was now gushing with orgasm juices. I fucked her hard for about five minutes and then exploded into her. Then I want down on her and sucked her dry. My cum and her juices were way more than my mouth could handle so I swallowed as much as possible and let the rest run down over my face. When I was done I still had a huge mouthful of hot cum and pussy juices so I moved up to her face. As I got close she grabbed my head and eagerly, almost roughly, started sucking the cum/pussy juice out of my mouth. Again her fingers were on her pussy and she made herself cum again and again while she drained my mouth dry. Needless to say she'd revised her opinion about the delights of hot cum. It was a truly amazing night.
My ex-wife and I would do this occasionally. The first time she did it surprised the heck out of me. At first I thought she spit into my mouth, but it sson dawned on me that she hadn't swallowed my load. The taste was unique but kind of bland however the texture was really sexy and I became aroused again. This was a big turn on for her so we'd do it every once in a while, swapping my sperm back and forth until one of us would swallow it. Quite a sexy thing to do for both of us.
Interested in sharing a load of cum in northern Virginia????? Contact me.
Now that’s definitely something I want to experience swapping cum
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