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we want to be with some one that love to smoke that roc and that green and watch xxx rated hordcore movies this turns both of us on we are tired of watching the xxx rated we are ready for the real thing.if you are down about what i'm talking about send us some mail
me and my better half love to get high on tht roc and green and start off wathing xxx rated sucking,licking.fucking(me) big nipples large clitty that love to suck on abig black beautiful pussy..ladies my baby wants it reallyso bad and so do i.if you feel the same way send us some mail WErLOOKING
alcohol or pot sex is fine by me ;) ;)
A couple of summers ago i crushed up one Viagra and one Cialis. Didn't really need it, but my curiosity got the best of me. I ended up snorting the two. What followed was nothing short of a medical miracle....A rock hard, six and a half hour boner. I nutted three times and it still wouldn't go down. Try it you'll like it!
hi guys i absouletly love taking extacy going on a ride n den fucking none stopp at the peack n on the cum down nothing i don't think there's anything better!!!! ohhhhhweeeee;:-D
Never tried it though I have been told that I should suck dick for the snow that doesnt melt or that Roc. I am very 420 friendly.
Very hot, extremely anal crossdresser. Looking for strictly tops that like to smoke meth & have their clocks sucked until they explode in my mouth. Then you can fuck my tight, round ass all night until you fill it with hot cum...
Hello all you hard docks. I like to get.high on meth and fucked in the ass. I also like it when there's a meth shard in my whole and let it melt a little before you fuck me. Will be anal ladyboy for meth. Inbox me asap
I have been known to go for hours, even days with meth. Makes my husband an even worse cock fein than he already is! ! Good times. (No, We don't do meth all the time. But on occasion. ..we party! Anyone in Gulfport? Mississippi? Hit me up:-P
high as fuck to night partying tina. It's dirty sex pig that I becume :-P
second quarter gram slam today, heaven! I just need some cock, had so much I took time off to be alone, sad, In Tijuana it is 12bucks a gram and I do a bang up job in the toilets
I absolutely love to do a fat shot and get all dressed in my slutiest outfit and let some big dicks fuck my face and ass until they him all over my face but my ultimate fantasy is i want to get all dressed up do a super fat shot and right after I do it I get on my knees and have 5 black guys come in and surround me and start fucking my throat and talking dirty to me and then start fingering my ads and shove a big as shard in my ass and just use me and abuse me all night however they want until the all cum on my face and once they are all done want the to write BBC cum slut on my face and make me walk home covered in cum
when i smoke the shards all i want to do is get naked suck cock and eat pussy preferably wearing panties and or nylons and with a cock in my mouth
well i do this all the time stick s rock up my ass an i am horny as fuck
I like taking a hit and at the same time I need someone to bend me over and plant a good hard dick in my tight slippery ass "try not to cum so soon"
Mmmmm, me too!!! Powder my nose and I’m up for anything and everything! You can call me Peggy!😎
I love to slam fuck n slut out on cocks all night long party bottom bear here loves to deepthroat cock swallow loads get my hole licked rimmed stretched rammed fisted pounded plowed double penetration toys etc
Sex and drugs. Speed and weed and srx for hours, days, weeks or longer. I can be your bitch or you can be mine. But if your a shemake; I'm yours anyway you want me for as long as you wish.
My husband is straight so well both be fucking the bisexual woman that is willing to join us and hit some roc. I need you to sit on my face and suck my husband's dick while I'm eating that pussy
Man give me a numb and my dick takes forever to cum and I will get so horny
I'd love for someone to get high with snort poppers and fuck me all night till I beg u to stop even like being tied up and forced to do what u and other do to me
I love getting spun while I'm dressed up girly then get tied up gagged spanked tortured slapped around edged bred facials and when I cum if daddy or mommy lets me omg it's fucking amazing mind blowing
Hello we're looking would you like to make me your sissygurl bimbo sex slave toy I'd love to get spun with you and serve you and pleasure you both
Looking for male to chat to tonight, fucking high and need help cumming.
Love 2 get fucked up and have a good time just makes it better love to party
Hi I love drugs and sex. Especially stimulant drugs like meth. All I ever want to do is smoke meth with people and get naked and ask for meth slammed in my dick, meth shoved down my penis hole, rubbed all over my dick and meth clouds embarrassing my cock and balls. *Sigh* I wish, so much awesome. Especially if they just tie me up and make me so high on meth and inject it into all my male parts. I'd be happy to let them make my cock a toy and cum factory. 🥰 Love
Want some plump cunt to fuck
Drug Sex on Bisexual PlaygroundDrug Sex on Bisexual PlaygroundDrug Sex on Bisexual PlaygroundDrug Sex on Bisexual Playground

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