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I love to edge! I bring myself to the edge of cumming, as close as possible while jacking off then stop abruptly. Allowing myself to calm down. But in the meantime sperm starts to ooz out and I scoop it up and eat it! Its the only way I've been able to eat my own cum. I do this to myself selveral times and sometimes all day! It builds up to a massive orgasm. My balls get so full and feel so good that its almost painful but its not. Feels awesome!
I have done this and it is hot
I do this almost everyday. I have reached the point where I can slowly release my cum in small increments so the tingle at the base of my dick last as long as I want it too. I eventually get a thin layer of sweat covering my body and I start to feel warm all over. My toes will start to curl and my dick will curve upward more than it usually does. That's the best part because the rim on the head of my dick will get a little friction from the hair above my belly button which really kicks the tingle up a notch. When my face is real hot and I can feel sweat dripping from my crotch I know I can't hold it much longer. When I do decide to cum my balls are so tight I can shoot huge wads so far that I hit my face and sometimes the wall behind me. I recently spent an afternoon doing this with another guy and I let him tickle my balls and my nips while we were jacking. I like it when a guy just lays besides me and lets me tell him what to do with my cock while I lay back with my hands behind my head. I used to get a lot of joy doing this alone but now it's so enjoyable to let a dude jack me as hard or soft or as fast as slow as I tell them while using the other hand to slowly caress the parts on my body that I tell them to give the extra attention. It's the best orgasm and I never have to use my hands
Edging on Bisexual PlaygroundEdging on Bisexual PlaygroundEdging on Bisexual Playground

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