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a great way to 'clean up' prior to being penetrated anally. feels good in it's own right, too,;)
That warm wet feeling and being clean inside and out what better way to get ready for a long night!
Makes you feel comfortable about taking something up the ass. No mess or smell for your partner. Really fun as part of D/s play!
Love the feel of that warm water going into my belly while I'm working my cock. And also makes for a nice clean hole for sex.
I agree with everyone here that enema's are a good way to ensure that you are not only clean on the outside, but on the inside as well. This is especially true if you are like me and enjoy having your ass reamed, tongued, and fucked...:)
Comon Curtsy..... ;)
just wish a lady wold fuck me,I;m game for anything
Sounds like fun. Seems so very humiliating. I want to try it.
Got to keep it clean. :) I started giving myself enemas just after I started having anal around 12 yo.
Nothing feels as "dirty" or as good at the same time. After the wife is good & clean I love for her to blow a few milk enemas in my face. It's so fucking hot to see her bent over with her big ass in my face & then her hole begins to open & whoosh.....enema in my mouth!
Consider a high colonic for the ultimate enema... coffee is my flavor of choice and replaces the probiotics. Once a week for about three weeks and then once a month for maintaining. No other way to feel cleaner.:)
Got a lot of Enemas as a Kid from Mom and still do them today for Hygiene and Sexual Pleasures!! I do a Coffee Enema once a Month and it is very arousing indeed!
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