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I love running around naked it's always a rush especially when you might get caught.Thats one of the reasons I like camping in rustic campgrounds.:-D;)
oh we love letting ppl see certain parts of our bodies in public or to making my wife cum while a barmaid across the room wattches me drawl her near orgasm ....wife is very orgasmatic you have to try her to see what we mean hehehehe Kiss
we have a local nude beach and I really love being nakid on the surf. What a turn on. Still waiting for my first sex on the beach.
exhibitionism is probably the best form of sexual arousal . We as adults are to hung up on our appearance and how long a penis is or how big the breasts are or to small. The physical beauty no matter what should be an uplifting sexual arousal. Looking at a penis or the vagina or breasts should be wonderful to show and be able to show. We came into this naked our father and mother in the beginning where naked and we will go out naked when death arrives. Life is to SHORT. So lets enjoy and have FUN:-D:)Laughing
I have always loved showing my self ong as I can remember....when I was younger ....around 12, 13, 14.....I would let my aunts, older cousins, my mom, my friends older sister or friends mom see me naked....made it a point to be sure I was erect

and no one would surprise there was plenty of time to get a good look......or a good scold......or a couple quick strokes while my cousin stared at my mom never objected to me walking around the house naked and several of her friends saw me frequently.......even used to take it out and let girls on the school bus see it.....

as I got older I found I got more interested in being seen and spend alomost 100% of the time nude at home..........used to piss my wife off.....cause I was nude in front of her girlfriends, and the girl that lived across the street that came over to clean on saturdays, the pizza delivery girl, my son's girlfriends.......doesn't matter I'm naked.........

love laying around the pool nude and watching the girls ol themselves up.....always gets me hot and I get to jack off in front of them.....which is REALLY A TURN ON................

always love to show off and up naked!Kiss
Having sex in public places can be a lot of fun especially if there is the danger of getting caught. :)
We love having sex in front or around others. Too bad all of the adult theaters are closing, those used to be the most fun. Didn't have to worry about inappropriate ages. We still have sex on the beach and rivers with guys watching. Love it. Riding in the convertible getting head is fun too.
more than being completely naked, I much rather prefer teasing the "viewer" with some clothes that let them peak into parts of my body. with the movement of my body, i like allowing my top shift and expose my breasts/bra, or in the summer my nipples (once many times i like to go out with no bra). i like wearing short cute dresses and skirts that can fly with the wind and expose my small sexy panties. and sometimes when i'm in a really kinky mood, i love going to the grocery store with no panties and let my naughty shaved pussy be exposed to who ever is behind me when i pick items from the very bottom part of the shelves. it's a turn on to expose myself in a very "innocent way" as if i didn't even noticed...
of course in nyc that's not a shock for anyone and to tell you the truth many people don't even notice! but the ones that do it's like they just got a little prize.

i also live in front of an all boys high school and my bedroom window is right in front of all the classrooms that face the street - often i "forget" to close the blinds when i come out of the shower... or i like to sit on the window reading a book or talking on the phone with no more than a tank top and panties.
i also like to walk around the house in my lingerie when alone but my roomate has few times walked in uexpectedly with friends... and i didn't mind a bit that i was wearing a transparent top and panties. in fact, i just keep talking with them as if i didn't have my nipples and pussy completely exposed for them to look at.
So is there anything that y'all want to see? I just might be able to arrange for the picture.....let us know.
My biggest fantasy is to have Sex with another Woman while another Woman is Watching and taking Pictures of us
Good stuff and I can be on either side of the camera happily.:-P
we love being naked in public but sex in public the best!!!love showing off and letting people see or the chance of being cought.driving around naked realy great too!!;)
My favorite subject!
Always looking to get together with other exhibitionists of both sexes for fun times.
I too like being naked in campgrounds and semi public places. I too get the extra rush from showing off. Would love to have sex with other exhibitionists in public or on camera.... :)
One of the most relaxing and exciting times is running around naked the througt of being caught. I spend most of my time driving around naked and stopping places that are out in the open to walk around naked. Sometimes even while masturbating.. love those flashing times..
Natural born show off.
Wanna see something, just ask!
To My VERY Sweet New Friend's Kiss Hug You All Can CUM and Watch Me To Get VERY ( Gang-Bang ) Right Here In Philly PA Weekly and You's If You's are In To This ? Can Sweet Yes, Take All The Video's Of Me Getting VERY FUCK and SUCK On In My VERY Own ( GANG-BANGING ) Interested To Know Just Where and When and What Time's To Show Up At ? Flower Just Write Back To Me For ALL Of That Info O.K. ? Yes You Are VERY Interested ---> Go And Take A Look At My Profile and Do SaY hELLO tHERE tO o.k. ?
luv to be seen - luv to play on cam or for real --- tell me what you want to see
I love to stroke my cock on a nude beach. My wife likes to lay on her back, feet together, knees wide apart, poussy shaved smooth, pink, and dripping. This always earns us a few stiff cocks which we suck to a creany finish. The lucky ones get to fuck my wife too. So hot
Ive openly masturbated at haulover beach in miami.I enjoy when a couple watches me.Ive been invited to be with couples,now Im a little reluctant.I am a lover and I feel badly when I can pleasure a man or his wife better than their partner
I just love it running around nude.Love leaving blinds and doors all wide open and being out on the patio nude taking nude drives and finding places to get out nude I love being seen nude and have the right people catching me naked Just love putting on free nudie shows
anyone in anderson sc wanna go drive around naked or more lets hook up
I love anyone seeing me naked and especially hard!
It's a turn on to be in some state of undress in public!
The chance of being seen is totally key.
I'm looking for more opportunities to explore this fun pastime :-)
love driving siting in a park with half my cock exposed. Never really gets seen but it is a thrill. Well it has been seen a few times.
Would love to SHOW!
I LOOOVE TO BE SEEN WHEN I"M NAKED!!!, it makes my orgasms very intense, I invite everyone to look at my pics, I love it!!
There's a nude beach near me with a remote section where sex goes on. I like to go there on a hot day, spread out my towel in a semi-secluded area just visible from the trail, and lie nude on my back reading a book -- or pretending to. My penis would be spongy but not hard.

People walk by every few minutes and most look in, then move on. But some find an excuse to linger. And when they do, and I find them interesting, I let my penis get a little bigger. This usually brings them in closer, pretending they are conversing or admiring the ocean. By this time I am hard. If they drop the pretense and look at me directly I will reach down and pull back my foreskin so my large tip is fully exposed. All the time I'll be looking at my book but secretly watching them.

If they are totally focused on my penis I will roll on my side facing them and give them the clearest possible view as I slowly stroke up and down. By this time somebody will usually say something like, "You're big," or, "You are so hard." I will reply by saying something like, "I like to be watched." If the watcher is a young guy, even if his gf is along, he'll usually be hard too by this time and and I'll invite him to share the towel.

I usually jerk off with a guy or for a woman to watch for about 20 minutes. Then I say something like, "Is it okay if I orgasm?" Believe me, that's something everybody likes to watch.

So I'll stroke slowly, all the way up and all the way down, fully exposing the big tip each time, and at the same time describe my inner process: "I can feel the sperm making its way through my loins and slowly up my penis. When it reaches the top that will trigger my orgasm."

I'm pretty noisy when I cum and as I get close I moan and gasp. Then as I lose control I say something like "Here it comes!" Short, sharp bursts of thick white sperm shoot from my cock in rapid succession, arcing into the sand. As the flow ebbs I stay hard and massage my tip for extended pleasure. There are murmurs of, "Great!" and "Good one!"

I'll say thanks and lie flat on my back to recover, utterly relaxed and swimming in a fog of post-orgasm euphoria. I cannot reach this intensity of climax unless at least one person is watching. :-D
My cock is a fat one, one I let be exposed from time to time; not wearing anything under my shorts when I am outside to get some air is always a turn on to see and watch the reaction of on lookers as they approach where I am sitting.

I met a guy once at a Park and Ride near where I live, we had met there to see if we liked each other enough to hook up at some point; I was trying to get him to see me, my cock, but he just wouldn't take the bait. My cock was nearly falling out of my shorts as I had my leg up on the bumper of his truck. I situated my dick to pop out and had my left leg opened wide; there were others around us so I didn't want to completely let it fall out. I kept trying to get his attention, but he wouldn't take his eyes off the ground.

I like catching air, I look for it with others too, men or women.
I do it as many times I can
Anyone for watching a guy in central Texas?
Exhibitionism on Bisexual PlaygroundExhibitionism on Bisexual PlaygroundExhibitionism on Bisexual PlaygroundExhibitionism on Bisexual Playground

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