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Yes I am guilty of this fetish. I love when a nice round bottom is on my face and I'm licking her brown eye or licking and sucking her clit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:-P
I must say that this is the best way. The only way. I love eating pussy.:-PKiss
I have to say that fully with agree with curiousj69... I also enjoy having a nice round bottom sitting on my face so I can lick her brown eye or clit... I also love to have my cock sucked and brown hole rimmed this way... Wink
nothing better than a phat ass on your face mmmmmmmmmmmmm
Face sitting wow what a great way to please someone or yourself !!!
great pic's of good looking cunt... OMG i so want them to sit on my face... i so love to eat female asshole/pussy and male asshole/balls.. in NJ let us know if you want to play
I think they call it Queening, When a woman sit on one's face, I call it HEAVEN
I love having having my wife (or one of her playmates) grinding and shoving her hot pussy on my face!!!!!
id love a fat man to sit on my face making me clean his asshole whille rubbing his ass on my face!!
Facesitting on Bisexual PlaygroundFacesitting on Bisexual PlaygroundFacesitting on Bisexual PlaygroundFacesitting on Bisexual Playground

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