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Woohoo the feet although they can be ugly they sure can be a exciting point of interest when it comes to women alot of women like to have there fett touched, massaged and licked and toes sucked on. IconU4DragonnIconLRWolf
i dont analyze my foot fetish, it PASSES THE 'HARD' TEST,and if it gets me/partner off, its good. like to use my feet like hannds annd rub slits and dicks w them after oiling up w massage oil. anything a hand ca do, a foot cando hotter (but then thats me)
Feet are the sexiest when the toes are pointed in extasy
I love it when Matt plays with my feet, it gets me so hot, I havent explored playing with others feet, so I guess I just have a mild foot fetish, but I love the feeling.
love to dress up in stockings for my lady friends and give each other foot massages Kiss
I love footjobs, sucking on womans toes makes me really hard
I also have a foot fetish
i love female feet any mistress out there
Kevyn loves women with small feet to be worshiped any takers welcome
I have a major foot fetish and my gf loves to feed me her feet. Especially while I'm getting fucked in my ass from behind by a big cock. Being a sub slut that I am I enjoy it when she is talking dirty to me while all that is going on. She makes me lick the bottoms of her feet and each toe, then she'll jam her foot in my mouth and face fuck me with her foot while calling me names (heaven on earth). That usually makes the guy fucking me even harder and he fucks me deeper and rougher... yummmy. in our pic's you'll seeone where the guy came on my face and her foot.... that's a happy ending!!!!!
i like my feet
There is nothing better than pretty feet to lick and suck
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