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Who doesn't Love this. I remember when I caught a fish this big LOL IconU4DragonnIconLRWolf
I Love saltwater fishing and now that I'm single I go as often as I like(can afford it). Being in new England we have a large assortment of fish lot of what you people in other parts of this great country only see in your stores once in a while, Cod, haddock,stripers to 50#, bluefish, Pollock, abnd many more , If you are coming out to N.E. on vacation and close to the coast e-mail me and I could hook you with a fishing trip,maybe hook you with something else too.;););)
im a fishing guide in alaska summers
I like saltwater, am looking to meet others with similar interest hobby wise and, or sexually, for companionship. Gerald
Cape May NJ, has a wide variety of fishing, 50# Strippers common in the fall, Fluke, Mahi, Tuna, Marlin, various Sharks. I have my own boat and have caught them all! Gotta love the deep blue water never know what's gonna come on up!
We Love to fish. We have been n Ohio for only 1 season & would like to know if anyone knows of a nice lake in our area ( Toledo). Thanks alot for your help. Hugs, Courtney
OK OK, I admit this is a COVER for just getting OUTSIDE to get naked bi other means and masturbate under the bright sun on water.
Nice. Where is this?
Fishing on Bisexual PlaygroundFishing on Bisexual PlaygroundFishing on Bisexual PlaygroundFishing on Bisexual Playground

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