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I have studied foot reflexology and give a great foot massage!Hug
normally, i don't like feet, but there are times when it just needs to be done lol. i don't; mind doing it for my guy, (when i have one) there is one guy who's feet i love, but He doesn't know it... Maybe one day i'll get to give Him a good foot rub, i think He'll really enjoy it. plus i used to do it all the time for my mom, wash them then massage them as part of a pedicure for her
Although I'm not particularly into feet as a sex thing, (other than just part of an erotic whole body massage) I too give a pretty good Foot Massage.. .. .. I'd be happy to demonstrate, But, I assure there will be more than a foot rub.:):-P:)
Personally, I think feet are sexy, especially a woman in high heels, soo sexy! I too, have studied reflexology, and love to rub, lick, and suck feet... part of my oral fixation I guess. In my opinion, and good pair of legs and feet is something to be worshipped. Any takers?!? :-P
a great man once said... i'm the foot fuckin' master! got my technique down and everything, i don't be ticklin' or nuttin'
Foot Massages on Bisexual PlaygroundFoot Massages on Bisexual Playground

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