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Remember the old saying, "be careful what you wish for, you just might get it." I wanted to find someone who treated me like a slut. I wanted to be used and abused with the thickest cock I could find. Friday night I ran into the perfect master for this task and he made it all happen. He forced me to suck cock all night wherever and whenever he wanted and after that took me back to his house and let his three roomates fuck the shit out of me till the sun came up!!! Needless to say my ass and mouth need several days off. I guess I more than kinda got what I needed... C
I'm w/m47 who is closet CD with mostly lingerie for 25yrs.At 22, I ffound Mom'spanty drawer treasures really enhanced my JO pleasures! Since then, I've had fantasies of Being caught &....after a quick scolding/spanking, encouraged to enjoy a mature woman's large selection of lingerie..Sheer hose-G-belts-girdles & panties & insisting on dressing me & fem-pampering me(after a warm shower together). Next, takin" to her spacious bed-tucked in snugly. "mom" teaches me how to lick & tease her juicy loins into 3-4 quick orgasms)spurting in my face as she squeezes my head between her lusciuos thighs &yelps in pleasure!! Then comes the strap-on-3-somes etcHug
always a favorite fantasy... mine normally includes the mistress not only forcing the dress code and shaving, but also "forcing" me to suck cocks and be fucked by other guys... ahhh the hours I can pass just thinking those pleasant thoughts
I like angel812's reply, says it all and leaves it all to the imagination. I could be a part of that.Flower
Los Angeles - San Fernando Valley - Bi - Crossdresser for MF Couples or Single Females. Flower
i would love to have that kind of experience i want to be treated like a little school girl slut.made to suck his cock in public also be takin into the womens restroom and have my ass fucked til it bleeds like a pussy
i would love to be dominated by a beautiful woman and forced to dress up as a frenchmaid and be odered to do everything a frenchmaid would do including kneeling in front of the master of the house in his study while sucking his cock or being bent over the dining room table and being fucked by a well hung young colleg stud that just happens to visiting for the weekend oh what a turn-on that would beHugKiss
Dominant Woman, sounds wonderful to me, you go ladies!
I'm a sissy cd in RI need a real man to feminize me.
Sebring Florida male seeks to be used if a Domme or Female Led Couple, or Lesbian would welcome a sissy maid. no limits but the sane
Nothing is HOTTER than two men tying me up, denying me of my maleness and having their way with me. My mind feels high just thinking about it! Anyone who shares this interest with me is definitely +++.
Walk in kneels and opens mouth :-P
I wanna know what it's like to be the town whore Kiss
I dress in women's clothes everyday. I'm growing my breasts and shrinking my dick. I would love to be forced to be more feminine. Even to be castrated. I need a Dominate man or Woman to take complete control of me. Lindawantabe
Drug me up n operations, I’ll be completely submissive having a permanent life like this to a mistress, I will severely owned with no mercy, take me as soon as possible
Sorry I missed & hard but I would like my slut like my sluts .not bruise like some animal
I'd love to be your sissygurl bimbo
It's a dream of mine to be taken and transformed into a fully femmed full time live in sissygurl bimbo sex slave toy but it'll probably never happen but a gurl can dream can't she
Forced Feminization on Bisexual PlaygroundForced Feminization on Bisexual PlaygroundForced Feminization on Bisexual PlaygroundForced Feminization on Bisexual Playground

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