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I had a GF who liked to be tossed around like a rag doll, playing as if she couldn't get away. The more I pretended to rape her the hotter she got. Right when I had her and she was fight8ing for all she was worth, I stopped up short because I thought I might have hurt her, and she cracks up laughing at how quickly I went from monster sex fiend to worried cupcake. That was a fun time. Once I knew she was OK I nailed her hard. We liked that game once in a while. I haven't ever been on the receiving end. I fantasize about being manhandled, to a point, and just beyond. It's probably the intensity and maybe I have a submissive streak down deep.
never done it but...i have been wondering. anybody wanna show me how it feels ?Kiss
Interesting story wife and I have been married for about 6 years...she was absolutely "fixated" on this type of "play" until a couple years ago. We used to horseplay and it usually culminated in great sex, however she confided some unusual fantasies to me when we started to get more sexually active with others ( women and couples till then). She is petite and easy to overpower by most anyone but can put up a great show of force (more bark then bite). She confided that she had a fantasy where 2 (or more) men would force their way into a motel room we were staying in and restrain me , while they overwhelmed her (just out of the shower). We had played with other couples and single girls and guys till then , but had never made it a "multi-guy experience" for her. Within two weeks I had found 3 guys (after screening about a dozen "flakes") online and had her talking to 2 on the phone while I listened. The third never seemed to materialize. The "multi-guy idea" might have been hers , but the two black guys from the next county were my idea. Here was a chance to weave her fantasy (and one of mine) into one. The profiles of both guys looked great and they turned out to be everything they had advertised online. I "briefed them that it was supposed to be a "role-play" rape style fantasy and they agreed to "act the part". The reality was more heat then light...they were both "stallions" in the fucking department , but the role play seemd to fall by the wayside as the evening went on. I let them both into our room (after a brief meeting in the motel lounge). My wife came out of hte bathroom (shower) and acted "startled". They put her on her knees and she knelt there naked alternately giving each of them head and they took turns with her on the bed. Only once when I suggested they should prop her on all fours and take her from both ends did she get to have them both at the same time. Don't get me wrong..the eveing was was intense seeing each guy do her and then (briefly) her taking it from both ends! She loved it and didn't mention that it was less "convincing" then she might have liked. As a bonus I set up a second time (but was unable to use a second guy) because the guy we found said he "was all she needed". I am usually leery of cocky guys like this but after a couple brief phone chats and one "face to face" meeting between he and I (to look him over)...I agreed. This guy GOT IT! He knocked on the door of the motel room (after I met him in the lounge downstairs) and he came in ....IN CHARACTER! He had on a mask, a rubber knife (fake and obviously so, of course), a leather jacket and gloves. He handcuffed me to the chair (fake plastic handcuffs of course) and grabbed my wife as she was exiting hte bathroom (hair wrapped in a towel and wet from her "shower"). He proceeded to put her on her knees..she was WILDLY excited and I could see it. He told her what to do and by the time he ordered her (and led her with a firm grip by the arm over to the bed)...she had a very convincing look of intimidation on her face....this guy turned out to be an absolute STALLION and once he told me (ordered me) not to look away he went to work on my 115 lbs. petite blonde wife. This was a real "10 rounder"! I sat there stunned with the hardest haord on I could remember while he had her breathless and moaning from one climax to the next. I was aching for release. That "OH MY GAWD I AM BEING FUCKED" look on my wifes face was priceless. About 1 month later this guy found a friend and must have given him lessons on how to "audition" for us and the two of them were as close to the real thing as we ever hope to get!
As a "foot-note" to my previous post in here...if you husbands, bf's...etc. try anything like this with your lady, don't expect anything but "head" for days afterwards. My wife was sore (she says the "good kinda sore") for three days after the second and subsequent episodes. Yup...even with half a bottle of lube and as worked up, aroused, and "into it" as she was...she could not handle anything "below the belt" (puss or rear passage) for a few days after. (( size of the guy was a big factor too)) This was definetely NOT the "polite kinda sex" she was used to at home with me...the "endurance" of the guy(s) in the second and later episodes means that this is a "rare treat" that (we feel) can be enjoyed a few times and left behind (mostly because the "mock-forced-roleplay&quo t; nature of it melts away as quickly as a fourth of July ice cream cone). K&A
I love being forced to suck and fuck cock, Im so horny all the time, and it turns me on so bad to think about someone wanting it so bad they make me do it. I want to be a total slut, and do what Im told.
I would love to be tied up and forced to suck and fuck hands are tied and my legs are tied open.. so i have to take cock in my mouth pussy and ass...and swallow cum..
We would love to be gangbanged roughly bi 5-6 black guys.
I know a guy in Wa state who can get together a number of guys for forced sex, or a jerk off on her session with your girl or wife, just let me know if you want it.
I def have a fantasies about getting fucked by a dude that was FORCED to fuck me or even forced to cum in my ass ... someone controlling the two of us ...
It would be so very sexy to be held down, stripped naked, and forced to have sex. A real life consented rape. Count me in, if you want to plan anything like this near Dayton.
love to help someone make this happen. or would be willing to have it happen to me
I would loved to be "raped" in public! I'd wear a skirt and get fucked from behind!! that would be so hot!
I've had several rape fantasies over the years where guy's use me and my gal.
Forced sex is such a turn on ! I wouldnt take any pussy unless the women wanted me to. And I had forced sex with a truck driver and his friend . He made me suck cock and ass I loved it! Id love a woman to do me with a strap on thats one of my fantasiës!
Any men in Utah willing to help me fulfill my rape fantasy?
Any man in nc willing to help me out, I'm easy.
Forced sex really gets me off. :-P
turns me when somebody forces me to f*** them
Would love to be tied to a bed face down and have men use me all night long and forced to clean there cocks after they fucked me
Forced Sex on Bisexual PlaygroundForced Sex on Bisexual PlaygroundForced Sex on Bisexual PlaygroundForced Sex on Bisexual Playground

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