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Ladies we all have a G-SPOT and we need to learn how to access it and as soon as you do you better teach any person you let finger your pussy because you will have a mind blowing experience every time you have a G-SPOT ORGASM Kiss:-P
just wanted to say that this is the same thing as the same thing squirting
G-SPOT is a very hot orgasms... Yummy Girls. Gotta try it if u haven't already. Your right its mind blowing..
G-Spot orgasms are THE best!!!!!:-D
My ex told her girl friend of my G spot prowess and she said she wanted to try me.... er it! We had drinks one night playing truth or dare including her husband and it came up ! She had told her hubby and he was all to eager to watch us.. I must say I fantasized about her on many of occasion but she was far better than I imagined. She has the sweetest tasting pussy ever! and I gave her many orgasms and almost had her squirting!! she never felt any thing like this before. Needless to say our swapping started that night!! I just love to have my head crushed by a powerful orgasm . ;-)
Guys,let me help onthis one.While licking her clitty,insert your fingers and touch your tongue,with a gentle rub,try tickeling your tongue from inside her.CLUE:If she begs you to stop because she's going to pee,DON"T,shes going to have a GSPOT orgasm,Yeh!!
G-Spot Orgasms on Bisexual PlaygroundG-Spot Orgasms on Bisexual PlaygroundG-Spot Orgasms on Bisexual Playground

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