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Ladies we all have a G-SPOT and we need to learn how to access it and as soon as you do you better teach any person you let finger your pussy because you will have a mind blowing experience every time you have a G-SPOT ORGASM Kiss:-P
Ok, there are how many people on this site... and only eight people interested in g-spot orgasms? I just refuse to believe that. Must be a computer glitch!
just wanted to say that this is the same thing as the same thing squirting
G-SPOT is a very hot orgasms... Yummy Girls. Gotta try it if u haven't already. Your right its mind blowing..
This is not what I want, just what you want. If you want to have a long slow warm massage; if you want to want to have your body lightly teased with finger tips, lips and tongue; if you want to have your breast sucked and teased until there is a connection of muscle spasms between your thighs, do you want to have your legs kissed and massaged with hot breath leading up to your kitty; do you want to have a special lotion dripped and massaged into your lower lips and "man in the boat"; do you want to have your clit kissed and sucked to engorgement; do you want to have your "g" spot stroked to your first orgasm; do you want to continue on to multi orgasms; do you want to experience all this without having to reciprocate by sucking cock or getting screwed; I am 62, in reasonably good shape (no tubby), good looking (so they say), very very clean,no stds and obsessed with giving a woman pleasure. You can come to me (Lakeland) or I'll come to you, time is no object, very flexible. Do enjoy good conversation, especially in terms of exotic desires, the more I learn the less guessing needed ( ie vibrators, urethra play, rimming etc). All I ask is the general health and physical accepted perimeters. Additional benefit is this is a romantic sojourn of 1 -2 hours of which,I hope, will bring a smile everytime remembered
G-Spot orgasms are THE best!!!!!:-D
My ex told her girl friend of my G spot prowess and she said she wanted to try me.... er it! We had drinks one night playing truth or dare including her husband and it came up ! She had told her hubby and he was all to eager to watch us.. I must say I fantasized about her on many of occasion but she was far better than I imagined.
She has the sweetest tasting pussy ever! and I gave her many orgasms and almost had her squirting!! she never felt any thing like this before. Needless to say our swapping started that night!! I just love to have my head crushed by a powerful orgasm . ;-)
Guys,let me help onthis one.While licking her clitty,insert your fingers and touch your tongue,with a gentle rub,try tickeling your tongue from inside her.CLUE:If she begs you to stop because she's going to pee,DON"T,shes going to have a GSPOT orgasm,Yeh!!
Hubby enjoys it so much when he hits mine..Sending me into a wild gushing orgasm..
Can anyone help in this area of where a females gspot is located exactly. Tips & advice on how to best give a gspot orgasm. We are incredibly turned on by squirting and have tried with no soaking. success but have had some eye rolliing orrgasms. any suggestions greatly appreciated... we live in shuswap/okanagan BC Canada
Having a gushing G spot orgasm drown you with the warmest juices is heavenly - the shaking and quivering is so excillerating - and all women who can relax and trust can have that happen - it is so tasty and gets you a special place in their hearts and especially eating that great pussy mmmmmmm
I really want one! HELP
G-Spot Orgasms on Bisexual PlaygroundG-Spot Orgasms on Bisexual PlaygroundG-Spot Orgasms on Bisexual Playground

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