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If anyone has gotten in on with a family member willing. I would like to hear what was like
I have had gay encounters with a younger cousin of mine. he and i started out looking at porn together, then we masturbated and then went to oral on eachother. we have used sex toys including dildos, vaginas, a blowup doll. lastly we have had anal intercourse once where i first fucked him and then he fucked me a while later the same time. i came up his ass while fucking in a missionary position, and then he pulled out of me to cum on my cock when he fucked me.
my brother and I had sex as teenagers. I'm now fascinated by any sex situation in the family...would love to chat with anyone with similar stories.
I had a cousin that I used to suck his cock quite often. He sucked mine a few times. I liked to pull his cock out of his pants on a whim and surprise him. I'ld start to suck his cock and he would settle down and relax and enjoy it. I would suck him dry and then we would go on doing whatever we were doing like nothing ever happened. Did this at family gatherings, vacations, where ever we were. He had a great cock to suck and cum to eat!
me and my brother started fucking wen we were kids and he got to the point where he was able to force me. it was great, i loved it. no 1 ever found out i just wish we could still fuck, his cock is so big
I use to suck my older brother all the time when I was a teenager.He taught me how.I just wish we still could
Ive had sex with my olde brother. he was the first guy i let fuck my ass. but i have been ith other female family members and love talking about it
I was able to have sex with an older cousin of mine while I was still a teenager after he caught me and my best friend having Sex one day and it actually turned out great for me. As he and I would share a bedroom and often spent a lot of time alone together when his family would visit my family during the summer. We would often sneak into the woods behind my house or down to the stream where we would engage in Blowjobl or Anal Sex whenever we wanted too...
I have cousins back in New Mexico who I used to see every summer when my family returned home to see relatives. I knew that one of my cousins was gay so when we were alone I confided to him that I was bi. We talked a bit and I discovered that his older bro was bi too Needless to say, from that day on,I went down on both of them a lot and we also experimented with anal. I was the willing bottom..I last saw the older of them about a year and a half ago, and I gave him several terrific blow jobs. sometimes family relations can be very good Flower
I spent 2 summers dureing high school in Texas with my uncle and his 3rd wife. I don't know how he knew that I had b egun exploring bi... I had a serious girlfriend by that time etc, but he did know and during the 3rd or 4th week he came on to me. It started with mutual oral only for the first couple of weeks. He was a larger guy, slightly bearish, handsome and rugged and very well hung. I was always a little scared but secretly really into it. He took my anal cherrya little over a month after i had been there.... god it was incredible. I took so much cum the rest of that summer and all of the next i was hooked! His wife loved it too so was a very cool time 30 years ago...
My brother and I used to spend a lot of time sucking cock when we were about 12. He's been in a gay relationship for 21 years now and I've been through 2 divorces. Recently we got pretty buzzed an the three of us spent the weekend fucking our brains out. It has happened twice since and looking for more.
My first sex was very young. My older brother (7 years older) found my dad's porn stash. He got me and my older sister together and read stories to us from "a Family Affair" Then he had us act out things. He taught my sister and me to suck his dick. He also taught me to lick her pussy.
When I was about eleven and my younger brother about 10 months younger than I, we were wrestling about one afternoon, alone at home, and gradually, as if on cue, we both started wresting and pulling at each other's shorts until we both were wrestling naked against each other. Both our little boy cocks were hard as rocks and jutting up. We would rub our little cocks against each other and would wrestle slowly and carefully as we held each other's stiff, little dicks in our hands, gripping each other tightly... then lightly... fondling and feeling each other's penis with our fingers and hands. We never came to any sort of orgasm/ejaculation together-- to young I guess-- but, we both enjoyed it and and would, when it was possible, wrestle and play about while fondling each other's cocks for the better part of that year... then it stopped after awhile and we never played like that again. We never have mentioned those encounters to each other, either, but sometimes while masturbating, I remember and fantasize how exciting it was at that age and time. Now I fantasize about being with another man with a small cock like mine and how such an encounter could happen and how exciting it would undoubtedly be...
i like to sniff , smell and lick the crusty leftovers inside the crotch and sniff the rearend of any girls or womans panties. i sometimes will masturbate into them , but not always .... I like to get the spot all wet with saliva and then wear them onmy head , so the spot in resting agains my nose, so i have two hands free to finger fuck myself and masturbate. i also like wearing panties while i suck dicks, it helps the feeling for me.. I got started with panties , after watching my mom getting dressed for work in the morning, at the age of about 6-7 , i think. she would be wearing a white bra and white panties , or panty girdle , and she always looked so prettty., sometimes I would wait up and sneak peeks at her while she did things with Men she brought home… mostly , she kissed Men and let them rub their hands all over her , then she usually undid their pants and got their dicks out and sucked them .. i liked getting into the laundry basket and trying the underthings on. and sniffing the crotches of my moms panties. we lived with my gr.parents for most of my younger life so, i sniffed my grmothers , and my younger sisters , too. along with my panty searches and sniffing and licking, i had an uncle who would visit quite regularly and always touch me and fondle me whenever we were alone. I can remember him feeling my dick through my pants and asking , ' how big is it ? ' at first i was very uncomfortable with him touching my dick , but the more he did it, i started to like the feeling of getting hard. i felt uncomfortable but i liked the feeling of having a boner. i wasnt old enough to have an orgasm , but the feeling of having a boner was heavenly. he would fondle , rub, touch and press on my hard little boner. one particular time he got me hard , and then he undid his pants and dropped his underwear and showed me his cock and played with it while he fondled mine.. then he said , ' you can see mine , lemme see yours ' and he started to undo my pants... i couldnt take my eyes off of his hard cock sticking out through a mound of brown curly and kinky hair, i was hypnotized by his cock. it looked so long and thick and so stiff and hard. ( from that moment on i was addicted to looking at dicks, soft or hard , it didnt matter. i just loved the way a dick looked, especially on someone much older than me.)then, he knelt down between my legs and took my dick into his mouth and was sucking my little tiny dick, it was so hard , all 1and ½ " of it. he was frantically masturbating while he was sucking my dick.... then he stopped suddenly and backed off of my dick , he cupped one hand at the end of his now dark red cock, and i watched as he white milky fluid squirted out into his cupped hand, i looked up at his face and his eyes were closed , when they opened , he looked into my eyes , then his dropped to look at my dick, which was still stiff. Then he lifted his cupped hand to his mouth and licked the insides of his hand for all the gooey cumjuice. and he said 'you want some ?' as he held his hand out , i shook my head, no.... then he said , 'next time.. then.. it will help you grow lots of hair down there , like me'..... all the older boys had hair down there , i always saw it when the gyms classes sometimes showered together. that was my favortie time of the school day, looking at all the different dicks on all the different boys.. there is a point to all of this, really ... :-P
My uncle caught me in sisters panties when I was 11 . He started to dress me as a girl when ever I visited and stayed with him he started having me touch him and then give him bjs he finally after jus over a year he took my virginity . He made me a sub sissy for him and his friends n I loved it
I have a huge fetish for walking around naked in front of family members I especially love stroking my cock out in the open my sister loves it I just recently slid my cock in her the other day it was heaven
Has anyone else had any incest experiences pleas tell
If anyone wants more details please email me and i have all the details for you
My brother and I used to do it as kids. Then my dad found out. hummm.....
I have been fucking my younger brother since we were in High School! I’d caught him having sex with his girlfriend, joined in because I was interested in her, and ended up with my brothers Dick buried in my pussy. He finished inside of me that night and we fucked our way through the next 2 years of HS together. Both of our spouses know about our situation and are fine with it. We still get together to fuck our brains out a few times per year!
This case with me is not about me being bi, However I've always loved my niece, and now she's a beautiful woman. I always wanted sexually and stayed away from her because of this desire, feeling extremely Taboo and cursed. She's today still gorgeous and we live in diff6 states . Nobody in my family ever knew about this skeleton in the closet of mine. Comming our at the time, about being bisexual was enough.
Gay Incest on Bisexual PlaygroundGay Incest on Bisexual PlaygroundGay Incest on Bisexual PlaygroundGay Incest on Bisexual Playground

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