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Seems that one of the hottest times I had was several years ago, when I was in a LTR, and my partner came home during lunch unexpectedly and walked in on a hot guy sucking my dick. It was a scene, and my friend freaked and bolted faster than lightning, but I found a vicarious thrill in being caught. I secretly desired my partner to join us instead of stopping the action. Ever thought how fun it would be if your husband or wife came in unexpectedly and also got turned on by it? It could be an accidental discovery of MMF or MFF interest! Alternatively, being caught if in a public or semi public place would be fun, so long as it wasn't law enforcement. Yikes. But to have a hot guy walk in on two guys jacking off in the public restroom, or knowing that the people you are staying with on vacation (old college roommate, huh?) was trying to peek in the door of the guest room you were staying in, just to watch you and yours go at it, hoping he'd be invited. After all, he can vividly remember knowing that you were wacking off some nights in that bed, and he pretended to be asleep, but the hardon that he had wouldn't go away. The ideas go on and on. Write me with thoughts, or better yet, do a journal entry here. Hope you have fun... Laughing
I remember one time catching a cpl doing it in their car at a parking lot at the beach. I walked by and looked in and saw her laying back and him with his head between her legs. He looked up just then and saw me and just smiled and went back to work never saying anything to her. I Kept on walking but if it were a more secluded area or if he had not seen me I would have kept watching and jacked off.
I have a long time fantasy of being caught fucking a woman by her husband and then having him fuck me in the ass as revenge........I get hard just thinking about it!
Best being caught experience I had was way before I discovered my "Bi" side lol! My now ex wife and I were headed home from the bar late one nite, and for some reason (back then she turned me on ALOT! lol) I was horny as hell and it didn't seem to make sense to wait till we got home (which was only a block further), I pulled into the parking area of a church that was recessed a pretty good way from the road and there were some trees I think ;) anyway, we start getting into some heavy petting and it started to get crowded in the car so I grabbed a blanket out of the trunk from the beach and spread it out on the ground next to the car on the side away from the road. We had gotten nekked before we even got out the blanket so getting into some hot fucking didn't take long. We were fucking like a couple of bunnies in the pet shop when all of a sudden these headlights come on us from a car swinging around my parked car and we were dead in the headlights of a county sheriff with lights flashing ! I guess I was enjoying myself too much to have seen the car pull in, but, here we were, I stood up my cock swayin' in the breeze (didn't go down either! LOL! ;) , my ex got up and took off running for the side of the church nekked as the day she was born, her tiny lil ass pitching left and right, titties floppin' !.... I stood watching her run as I guess the officer did too with the spotlight shinning on her shiney white hiney the whole way (about 40-50 yards) , so.........., I put my hands up :) Standing there nekked, hands in the air, half buzzed, and out of the glare of the headlights from the drivers side comes this not bad looking "FEMALE" county sheriff's officer! LMAO! Well, my cock didn't know any better and even regained some elevation as I turned and faced him at the not flustered fair haired cop. With her flashlight aimed in my eyes she walked towards me, commenting about how fast my ex's exit was and why I didn't run as well. I said it just didn't occur to me because the car was mine and other than having sex we weren't really doing anything wrong. She took the light out of my eyes and told me to get something to put on, I reached for my car door and she made me wait a few seconds so she could check the car that there wasn't any "other" weapon I might be going for and let me get my pants and t-shirt that were crumpled in a heap on the floorboard. I slid into my jean shorts and stuffing my semi hard cock into the pantleg it still stood up strongly against the material and pulled up my fly as she was calling out to my ex hiding beside the church. I pulled my t-shirt on over my head and asked if I could bring her something to put on and she said go ahead, I don't know what I was thinking, I just grabbed up the blanket from the ground and headed to where she was hiding and wrapped it around her (it wasn't cold but, she was trembling anyway we walked back to the car and the officer was in her vehicle calling in to her dispatcher that she had a "Romeo and Juliet" and that she didn't require a backup for the call. I held up the blanket by the car door as my ex frantically grabbed her clothes from the floorboard where I'd gotten mine and hurriedly got into them all the while threatening to end my days on the planet for not waiting until we got home to get my dick wet. All the while I had the stupidest shit eating grin on my face while my half drunk brain scanned through memories of all the "Penthouse Forum" letters I'd ever read, and I guess imagining this hot cop joining in with us but, that was not to be :( She brought me back my license and registration which she had asked for after I got my fly zipped up and said there were no warrants out for me and that my vehicle was legit etc. and after reassuring my ex that "everything is okay" we got a "make it home before you let your urges get out of hand next time" statement and told to get going, "don't let me catch you two at it again" as I got into and started my car to leave. My ex was already hitting me as we pulled out of the parking lot, but, my cock was still hard and my mind was on finishing what I'd started so as soon as we got in the door of our house a block away (which the officer followed us to make sure I was telling her the truth), I grabbed my ex's shorts and pulled them off shoving my cock back into her pussy as I bent her over as the headlights from the patrol car swung around and streamed through the livingroom windows. God did I blow a wad when I finally pounded her pussy so hard she was on her face on the floor with her ass in the air like she was doing toe touches in gym class!!!! LOL! Not every "public" experience ends like that but, DAMN that was exciting! And I still get to laugh about it today ;)
Being caught by my sister was the best experience she even joined in we get off all the time together now she even strokes my cock its fucking amazing
Got caught by my old room mates girlfriend while riding a huge dildo and jerking my dick.
I got caught by my co worker sucking dick at a glory hole! So embarrassed but the humilation was erotic!
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