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Would be the number one sexual act. I cant get enough of it ever. I'm such a sucker for a good cock sucker. Either Sex. Amen Amen Hug Kiss: -P
I am so very oral... I Love to suck cocks, suck balls, eat pussy, lick clits, tongue out asses (either gender) and swallow semen If you're in the SF Bay Area and you'd like to be serviced orally by a talented bi guy, email me:-D:-P;)Hug
there is nothing better then geting oral.either sex can get me to cum.i'd love to get some cocks to cum,
I love getting my Pussy eaten lol. Love giving oral to my husband and Love receiving oral from Men (husband) and WOMAN.... Bi or Les Girls...KissHug
Never get enough oral...could cum in someone's mouth 3 times and day and still I'd want more.
Being two very oral individuals I Love having my Cock Blowjob on and we both love being able to Blowjob on a nice hard throbbing Cock. I also Love :-P a nice juicy Pussy and Sue is looking for the right person to give her this experience...HugKissFlower
Well Yeah !
dam i could use sum becky rite now Flower
love it done to me and love doing itHug:-P
Im ready in FLORIDA
I've love to find a buddy who just wants to lean back and get it sucked.
I enjoy when a woman starts sucking my cock and takes it deep. I not only love to get my cock sucked I enjoy eating pussy and making a woman cum.

I'm in York PA, never been touched by any (virgin). Would love to have my first experince with another girl!
i love to have my pussy eaten. but would love to have the experience with a woman doing it.never been with a woman but curious.
I love to have my pussy ate out loving for that love to give oral all day
Love to eat pussy. Love to lick and suck pussy lips and clit. I am in Florida
All I want all day!!!!!!!!
Getting Oral Done 2 Me on Bisexual PlaygroundGetting Oral Done 2 Me on Bisexual PlaygroundGetting Oral Done 2 Me on Bisexual PlaygroundGetting Oral Done 2 Me on Bisexual Playground

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