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oh hell yeah.....I love getting naked ....... love jacking off .......and REALLY LOVE being watched bi mutually participating and interested parties.
I have 2 buddies from years back (freshman yr H.S.) and we have been jacking off together since first sleep over, and sucking each other not long after, but we still love to jack together, and on each other.
Yes this would be especially hot. I love to stroke my cock and to be watched.
Ready in Florida
I'd love to have party w/who ever jacking off and dildos going crazy
i would love to do this in south carolina
Sounds interesting. Might want to try it.
Always done it by myself but never with groups but I would like to try to go with groups
Can I join in a group masturbation
I am on San Diego and would love a group masturbation party.. men and women. I love being watched and watching
I enjoy masturbation! A lot! It's fun and safe. Only thing is that it can be lonely. Would really love to join a group and/or have a little company!
How about a group in the San Francisco East Bay? Anything running now? I've just started a MEETUP group for over 35 year olds (men & women) called: "MUCH AGO ABOUT NOTHING" and the slogan is "A NEW KIND OF PLEASURE: GROUP MASTURBATION." No bites yet, but hopefully ppl will contact me.
i' love to join a group in Ocean County,NJ
Group Masturbation on Bisexual PlaygroundGroup Masturbation on Bisexual PlaygroundGroup Masturbation on Bisexual PlaygroundGroup Masturbation on Bisexual Playground

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