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We Love horse they are such a gentle animal. Horse back riding is something we have always wanted to do together and think we will next year at starve rock.
I have a very close friend here in Sacramento that owns a Mustang Rescue. She takes in though any animal in need. She also takes in kids who have no other place to go, helps them learn what it is to be Loved by pairing up children with a horse (one that has been either tamed or retamed of course) and having that child learn to take care of it. It's an awesome sight to see....the Love in a childs eyes and the Love the horses have for these kids. Alot of times when Grandma Alice gets a call, we never really know the shape of the horse until we get it or pick it up. So often they are abused and very distrustful of humans. Besides being a medicine woman, she is what people call a horse whisperer. I have watched many times while she calmed down a wild horse and before you knew it had it where one of the 5 yr olds could get on with no fear of that child getting hurt. I have seen her actually kick her husband out of their bed to bring in to the ranch house a sick horse that she would sit up with often for days at a time until it gets better because it would be so cold outside. I went to my first sweat lodge with about an experience! I really feel blessed being able to work along side her in healings and working with the horses. I will keep sharing pics here of the horses when I get time, and maybe post a few stories as well.
i sucked a horses dick once ... yumm :-P
Los Angeles - San Ferando Valley - Bi - Crossdreser seeking MF Couple or Single Females to go Horse Back Riding with! Flower
There is nothing more beautiful than seeing a free spirited horse frolicking in a field...:)
I often fantasize about sucking a horse............ anyone else?:-D
I REALLY WANT TO LEARN HOW TO "HORSE BACK RIDE"!!!!! PLEASE!!!.......there's got to be a "cowboy" out there who has the "patience" to teach me about horses as well as caring, for them! LOOKING IN INDIANAPOLIS INDIANA!!!!! anyone who (males preferred! have this fantasy of getting fucked by a guy in a barn, farm underneath a tree on farm in a spot that one DOES NOT have to worry about people walking up on ya and seeing two guys "going at it" or "taking care of business"! I like height/weight proportnate men!!!! lay a blanket/sleeping bag on the ground, early spring/late summer/early fall, anytime of year when it's not too hot!!!! FUCKING IN NATURE!!!!!
any cowboys "out there" willing to teach me how to ride horses (PLEASE BE SERIOUS IF YOU RESPOND TO THIS!!!!) write me: PLEASE! place in the subject line "MAN Bi-PLAYGROUND WILLING TO TEACH YOU ABOUT HORSES" that way I know the e-mail is from a legit source and NOT SPAM!!!!
Stallions are the best
I fantasize about sucking a horse's cock all the time. Tasting his seed. Maybe if I get turned on enough, really get my ass stretched. Love to hear from a dominate person that won't let me change my mind. At least get a mouthful of his seed. Lindawantabe
they can be a lot of fun oh yes
I've often fantasized about playing with a mare
I've oft
I've often fantasized about getting fucked by a horse. I should probably just get a horse dildo and use it on my fucking machine.
Yes I fully want to suck off a Horse and swallow it’s sperm then it’s hot piss fully on video located in Indy will travel to make it happen owner can use my holes also or anything with a dick Kik faggottouse31
Always wanted to check it out it would be nice to find some one in mid michigan tbat would like to take a crosdresser cor a tour around the fam.
Horses on Bisexual PlaygroundHorses on Bisexual PlaygroundHorses on Bisexual PlaygroundHorses on Bisexual Playground

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