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Sometimes in my fantasies I am humiliated... it's not the usually main theme of my fantasy, but a necessary part.
My humiliation is that my wife would prefer to fuck someone else! And I like it too! Ben
are you kidding me?!?!?! i love it and my man never gives up the opportunity to slap me and tell me im trash while we're fucking among the other numerous things he does. any other women who like it and want to join get in touch NY
Bitx, That is hot,Hot, HOT!!!! I love it. Check out my Cuckold post. Lots of humiliation in it.
hmm,humilation is when you,experience the only soul mate in your life fucking up.where you could suck her clit while she rubs your head.She likes to rub your nose right up in there.hmm,maybe a bit hmilaiating.
Humiliation is when a man or woman makes fun of my small dick. Then she feeds me her mans dick to suck and lick. I want to see her face when her man mounts me from behind and slides his cock in my ass and pumps me like a girl and squeezes my puffy tits while she encourages him and fingers her pussy.
Humiliation is that someone who knows me sees this and says "holy shit" and is totally ok with it! lol
I like when people ask me for pics of my cock, then make fun of me for the size. If you'd like to see and humiliate me contact me and i'll send u a pic of my baby cock.
Humiliation on Bisexual PlaygroundHumiliation on Bisexual PlaygroundHumiliation on Bisexual PlaygroundHumiliation on Bisexual Playground

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