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I have sucked the cock of men of many races. Mostly White :) and Black :-D but also chinese and Japanese, Arab and Persian ;) and loved them all. I like all flavors Laughing (I am Spanish & Native American)
never tried a black cock but definitely interested in becomeing a sissy to a black man with a huge cock to please.
I love sucking a big black hard cock. Look at my pic's you'll see I love it... I am a submissive bottom bitch and would love to suck a Dom black man, or men... send me an email, i will reply.
I've never been with a man or women of color.I have swallowed many big cocks,gagged at first,but got it down.But big white men only want a licking before they fuck you,anyone out there that can make me gag on come other than a throat massage
I once met a black guy in a park. He started talking to me and touching me almost absently. I wasnt there for sex and it took me a minute to understand what he was doing. Before i knew it i was following him deeper into the woods. He was wearing a suit. He put me on my knees, unzipped his suit pants and fed me his cock. After a few minutes he blew his load down my throat. It was fantastic.
The first time I sucked adick was dark black we were young and curious and we both got off on since my divorce and watching porn the.guys fuck started turning me on I really want to give some guy head make sure I like it like I did the first time
Our preference is uncut BBC. There is nothing like the feeling of it growing & swelling in your mouth, knowing that you are pleasuring his huge man meat!
I love to suck black cock
Interracial Cocksucking on Bisexual PlaygroundInterracial Cocksucking on Bisexual PlaygroundInterracial Cocksucking on Bisexual PlaygroundInterracial Cocksucking on Bisexual Playground

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