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I've been told I give a mean lap dance esp to AC/DC's You Shook Me All Night Long! ;)
your wife is out shopping for a few hours. I come over in a jacket and tie. you put on slow music. I push you down onto your couch. I slowly grind in front of you as I take my tie then shirt off. now I sit on your lap facing away and ggrrind my ass into your cock. you pull up on my garter belt thatsstcking up over the topof my pants. I turn and undo mypants then get onmy knees in front of you and suck your cock throughh your pants. with my ass in the air, my pants slide of my hips exposing my white garter belt andstockings and blue thong. I am now sittingon your lap facing you. my knees arre at your hips as I grind your cock intto my ass. after I work up a lather, I slide your shirt up and suck your nipples. my tongue traces a line downyour belly to your pants which I slowly undo. I release your cock and lick the shaft upand down. I suck your balls then trace my tongue on the head. this eventually ends with you straddling my head ass you fuck my mouth. I tell you to fuck my face like your wife's pussy. you explode down my throat.
Gotta luv those lap dances!
Lap Dances on Bisexual PlaygroundLap Dances on Bisexual PlaygroundLap Dances on Bisexual PlaygroundLap Dances on Bisexual Playground

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