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Being very oral I enjoy kissing both men & women... :)
(HER) Kissing both a man and a woman--can't get much more erotic than hot hot. Well, about seeing a man kiss a man--oh yeah, bring that on--I want to see!
Sometimes, it is more erotic Kissing another guy than a woman. I find guys tend to kiss more aggressively and more deeply, both of which I really enjoy.
I think there is something very sexy seeing two men Kissing hot long and wet..;)
Kissing, like loving a cock, is an art. The most sensous kiss I have ever received came from a male.
I LOVE this, it gets me so hot, to see 2 men kiss. Deep and passionate, moaning over each others tongues. Love to see my man kiss strangers in bars and watch his cock get hard in his pants. I have a fantasy that I make his kiss 6 different men in a gay bar, then make him pick one, and watch as he takes him to the car for a back seat Blowjob while I watch from the front!
I'm very oral and love kissing my loverKiss I like oman's comment. It makes yoou really hot
Kiss me Hug
wow... elfslave that's a hot fantasy you got me all hard just reading it! my cock is throbbing at the thought of that backseat blowjob!!
Never been there, but as of late, kinda wondered ? ? ? ? As stated in my profile, There is very little, if anything I wouldn't do under a given set of circumstances. I stand by the fact that "I Will Do Whatever It Takes Please A Trusted Couple Happy!" If that includes Kissing, then Pucker Up! Kiss Kiss Kiss Hell who knows, I might love it? ......... Afterall, it wasn't all that long ago that I wouldn't have even concitered a touching a Dick other than my own, much-less put one in my mouth. Who Knew, I'd love it.................:) So, , , , Kiss Kiss Kiss
I love to kiss the man I'm with and work my way dnow from there.
I love to watch my man kiss other men it makes me so wet.. I think that my man loves it so much because he is submissive and kissing a man makes him feel very submissive. cozy
Cozy, I'm just like your guy. I love to be kissed and fondled by a man. It just feels so totally enveloping.
i think kissing a man is hot it leads up to yummyer stuff
What a great way to get started with a guy. It's so erotic and I love guys to kiss me back aggressively, hot, long and deeply. Exploring each others body nipples and hard cock. Especially like ladies to watch their man and I kissing and more...
I am a very oral man with woman and men. Kissing is a great way to get things started as well as a sensual way to explore each others bodies.
Watching 2 men kissing is a HUGE turn on
That’s hot
I love kissing another. especially when he is on top of me. kissing while he puts his cock in my ass. while the wife is playing with his balls. the only thing better is when we are kissing and he blows his load deep inside of me.
I love to kiss man or woman
Love to make out while I’m having sex !!
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