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My gf made me wear her panties felt good, so now I wear them for pleasure when I go to 'play' :)
my Mistress has had me in panties ever since the day W/we were married. W/we go to Victoria's Secret together to shop. To my embarrassment and the amusement of the girls in the store, She likes to hold them up to me in the store to see if they'll fit. The more i wear them, the more i get used to them. i'm really starting to enjoy the feel of them. It's a wonderful means for Her to demonstrate dominance over Her cock-sucking slut!
I Love to wear panties. My wife even looks for me when ever she goes shopping. :-D
When i first tried panties i was hooked rite from the start my girl and i wanted to try something new so she made me put on a pair of her silky panties i was so horny when i put them on she told me to lay on the bed on my back she had a pair of silky panties on she then rubbed her pussy against my pantied cock and i CAME SO HARD I SHOT RIGHT THROUGH THEM i loved ill never wear anything than silky KissHug
my first time was when my mom caught me using a pair of her panties to masturbate in. From then on she kept me in panties and controlled my orgasms by making me ask permission from her first. She taught me to be her domestic and help raise my younger siblings. Then she introduced me to my 1st girlfriend who also kept me in panties "so i would not be tempted by other girls". She kept me chaste and i became her domestic as well. I was only alowed to wear panties and a nighty at her house. She also taught me oral which she loved especially when she came home from her dates.:-P
Meet a couple i swong with in PA for years who enjoyed dressing me in his wifes panties while we had oral sex ..she would mount me with her strap on and i learned to love that too..first cock sucking experience for me was her hubby dressed as a french maid..he looked so lovely in his short little dress and tight bikini panties..his wife enticed me by stroking his cock thru his panties and gently nudged my head down on his cock and i sucked him till he shoot a creamy load in my mouth to eat.mmmm
I love wearing panties when I go out. The feel is so sensual that I stay aroused for the longest time. Sometimes, I shave around the panty line to feel even more femine.
Nothing like some dental floss to get you going, eh?
I love men in panties!!! Any hot guys want to play with me while we both are in sexy panties??? :-PKissHug
I wear panties and love them I am interested in comments from men and especially women please send email or add to forum thanks,Kiss:):)
there is not a better feeling than a cock rubbing the material while you are in a sexy silk thong.KissHugHugKissKissKissKi ssKiss
Los Angeles - San Fernando Valley - Bi - Crossdresser for MF Couples or Singles Females. Flower
My wife loves me to wear panties. She first put me in them after we had been married a few years. She shops for them and just stacks them in my underwear drawer. They're almost all either pink or black I don't any longer own an option. She also likes me to wear shear and delicate nighties to bed. She's purchased a half-dozen for me over the years. When she asks me to do that, I know she's horny and we're in for a big night.
My panty fetish is so immense. They are all that I ever wear. I don't even own mens underwear. All my GF's I have had find it sexy which makes it even more enjoyable. I even plan on getting a tattoo of a frilly pair of panties.
I love panties - love the feeling of having them pulled up hard on me! The thought of it turns me on!
i have loved wearing them since i was a teen. In college started wearing them all the time. My roommate noticed that my white boy undies were always stacked in my drawer. I wasn't inot bi sex or gay sex at that time but to keep him quiet i let hm hump my panty ass b4 he went on dates.

i have white undies for when my parents come to visit or i visit them. Otherwise it is tiny string bikinis, sheer/lacey are the best. Maybe someone will see the lace through my pants and make me submit..:-DKiss
I love the feel of panties on my cleanly shaven cock & balls & hope to find others in south Florida to play with into the same.
I've always had a liking to womens panties, especially the lacy kind. I have grown to liking stockings and high heels now. Would love to find someone that could help me fulfill this fantasy. To wear panties all the time and to wear stockings and heels around trhe house. A big turn on for me.
I love to wear women's panty's ,hose and a see thru nity i have dressed in them and had some of the best bi-sex in my life,i love th feel of them on my body it makes me feel so sexy,i have had a guy come to my place for sex and answered the door wearing them it is so sexy to see his expression when he walks in the door and sees me dressed up for him we have hot time in my bed.
i'm so good looking and cute 35 year old single live all alone my byself and 5ft 10in 132 lbs brown hair and blue eyesso horny and horny i like to wearing women panties and heels and short skirts and gater belts and blouse top training bra and lingerie i love to dress up as a freach maid and a ballearina and cheerleader and schoolgirl i'm a male love to wear panties fishnet stocking cum suck and like my balls and fuck me too :-PHugFlower
Someone can wear them for me!
Just curious to know if there are any other men in the Cleveland area that wear panties? Let me know.
I have been wearing panties for about 40 yrs now can't shake the feeling of nylon on my ass and cock sure would like to meet another panty wearer in Northern Delaware
Str8 guy looking for Dallas area women in sexy panties.
My wife and I both get really horny when I'm in my panties - love silky lace,thong and bikini. I am most comfortable in them being fully shaved. I wear hem every chance I get.
I enjoy wearing silky thong panties as I have found it to be not only exciting, but that the feeling of my cock rubbing against the silking material is quite a turn-on for me.... :)
I wear panties 24/7..mwm 61 in sacramento area.
I love having my submissive Sissy Jess in panties 24/7. I am married to my best girlfriend so it was the best thing i ever did in my marriage turning my former husband into a femme pantie wearing sissy.

Kisses Jeanne
Love to see men in panties! I recently slipped into a pair of sexy panties and got instantly hard. Couldn't believe how good my hard cock felt in panties! I think it might become a fetish!Kiss
:)This sissy always wears panties.Depending on the weather,also wear other articals of womens clothing under mine when am out in public even(would be embarrassing if had to explain why also was wearing a bra:-D.Yes,i wear a night gown to bed.;)KissHugFlower
I love seeing men and women wearing panties and love wearing them myself.
:-P:-P MMMM!!! my gf got me into sexy panties ?? now the only way she will suck my dick is if i have panties on !!! N she also loves to dress me sexy b4 she fucks me!!! :-P:-P lookin 4 a new girl to have fun with ???
I too enjoy wearing panties! Very hot and naughty!
it must be nice ur wife surports u . it cost my marriage
me too....
Having silk, lace, or nylon caressing your cock and balls is a cum maker, especially when it's a mouth doing the caressing.
tried this fantasy many years ago felt good made my cock really hard married a gal who wouldn't have liked it she's gone but the fantasy remains
The only thing hotter than wearing sexy panties is sucking on a cock while wearing sexy panties:-P
wear them for years nothing better then panties on guys or gals
The 1st time I wore panties was more out of humor. She loves my ass and thought I would look sexy in her panties. I did it for a laugh, but she got so turned on by it, she started taking pictures, and I ended up doing a "fashion" show for her. It escalated to me shaving (light body hair anyway), then she started buying me panties and insisting I wear them all the the point that she threw away most of what I had.
Finally, more out of desperation of having my "boys" hanging out each side, I found a great website that sells panties specifically for me, and cut to hold the package. For those frustrated by fit, but love the look and feel (yeah, I enjoy, you might want to check out bodyaware.
Wearing panties is becoming more the norm for me. I love the way they feel. I feel excited when I wear them. I'm branching out and wearinf garters, hose, camisoles, and dresses.
i think men in panties is hot:-P
I have been wearing them for many years. Especially like to wear a little thong when I go out on my morning walk. I love to wear low rise thin white shorts over them so my thong is visible. I will always find a reason to bend over in front of people so it can be seen. Turns me on sooo much! I also have others that I wear out most days. I love the feel.
I love to wear silly silky panties & fishnets. Makes me so nasty. I went to a Guy's house one time and he had some girly things on the bed for me to wear. When I put them on,including a very long brunette wig? Damn I didn't even recognize myself in the full length mirror. I hot it wasn' anymore. Wish I was dressed like that for a group of Guy's. I'd be in cock heaven. Big fantasy of mine is to be all dressed up like that and be the main fuck at a tranny training school.
I too love wearing panties... and thigh highs.

Davie in Florida
i love wearing them to
I've been wearing them for many years. I remember the first time I tried on satin lingerie in my early teens. I also enjoy a good hamper raid whenever I get the chance.
I wish I had a pair to wear right now :( when I am wearing panties makes me feel like a dirty little slut I love it gets me so hard mmm. Kiss
A lifelong love for me... panties. I started rummaging through the hampers of family and friends when I was in grade school, trying them on whenever I could. During sleepovers, I would awake in the middle of the night and check out their laundry room and explore any piles of laundry and dress in whatever I could find. In college, I would steal them from the laundry rooms and even entered a few female rooms that were unlocked, stealing their panties from their dressers. So many panties over so many years and today, I wear them 24/7. I like to pick out the slutty one's to wear to work when I'm feeling HOT but am careful not to reveal them as I work in a very conservative office environment. However, my fantasies run wild!
I wear panties all the time
I started wearing panties when I was 8 they were my younger sisters the felt so much better than my briefs , and they were much prettier . I started to pinch them off washing lines as I got older and now I only have panties , thongs and some g-strings
i have worn panties from about 6Th grade. the first time was when i borrowed a pair of my older sisters panties to where under my baseball uniform. running the bases i came three times. after that i use to grab her panties and use them to jack off. later in life i became a truck driver. and from that day to this i have worn panties. i prefer. madinform or vanityfair briefs. now i am looking for my first bi experence. i want to be blind folded and wearin panties and have eight to twelve men feed me their cocks or pull my panties down just enough to fuck my ass and when done have my clean their cocks then leave.
what would make this hotter would be if all the men were wearing panties when they fucked me,and somebody video taped the whole thing then sent it to me two years later on my birthday.....John
I love jackin with pantys
Especially the cock outline in white tight spandex or lycra panties.
I have been wearing panties now for 14 years. The first 12 years I wore Hi-cuts and the last 2 years I have been wearing full briefs, my male underwear elastic went bad from non use, it was no problem throwing them out. I do wear pretty bright colors and hope someone sees them and asks me why I wear women's panties, like they do when I go out in a skirt.
I love wearing panties. I just started buying them. Fun!
I wear satin panties every day. sometimes I wear a garter belt and stockings as well.
I wear my silky frilly sissy panties 24/7 now and love it so much, mmmmmm
Feels good wearing panties
My panty wearing started when I was 9 and I would steal my cousins dirty little girl panties, she was 8. I would take her little girl bras too. Then I decided to work my way up.your my beautiful aunts panties.... and there was the Holy grail of panties... they caught me and I was only allowed to wear panties while I was at their house from that point, then it turned into family fucking in panties... soooo open hot, makes me hard thinking about it
Mmm I Luv wearing panties too.looking too chat with anyone a d share pic
Any big hairy man in Houston who enjoys to wear panties? Jo and play, interested bears let me know
All small dicks should always be in panties. We dont need all the extra room that mens underwear has to accomodate a full grown cock, so we have no need for mens underwear. When you can not only fit in a pair of panties, but fit very nicely, panties are for you. When you fit in your wifes panties better than she should be in panties. When your tiny dick looks more like a deserve pantiesKiss
Mmmmn yes love keep my lil dick in panties at all times like a good sissy grl !!
I would really like to find a friend who is into mutual panty play, a fellow panty lover. Stockings, garterbelt add to the fun.
Nylon silky panties are a super turn on for me. You?
would like to meet shemales in tenn.
we were takin pix gf tok her panties off and had me wear em for a pic
we were takin pix gf tok her panties off and had me wear em for a pic
we were takin pix gf tok her panties off and had me wear em for a pic
we were takin pix gf tok her panties off and had me wear em for a pic
we were takin pix gf tok her panties off and had me wear em for a pic
we were takin pix gf tok her panties off and had me wear em for a pic
Males In Panties on Bisexual PlaygroundMales In Panties on Bisexual PlaygroundMales In Panties on Bisexual PlaygroundMales In Panties on Bisexual Playground

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