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burn it up...
Weed and sex is most intense. Go ahead and smoke and have fun.
Kiss Now This Is What Up ? Fucking and Sucking As We Are All Smoking and Having a Bit of Drinking Going On ? Well Sweet Hug That Is What We All Live For,Our Very Own Weekly Suck and Fuck - A - Thon Flower Sound's Very Good To Me ...(^_^(?... and I Can Host For This Any Time - Interested - Look Me Up By Going To My Profile And Do Say Hug Kiss Back Any Time In Town Flower But Bye For Now ---> Oh Denizen . . . :)
Mo betta da kine :)
I have been smoking for 43 years now and have no plans of stopping any time soon or at all!
Not only does the herb get me feeling mellow & relaxed but it also helps to ease off my back pain as well.
It is a medicine & a plant , NOT A DRUG!!!!
i`m not a smoker but occasionally buy some weed and smoke it in a pipe. wow it`s amazing having sex while stoned! used to meet a married couple and we`d have a good smoke, put some porn on and the hands would start wandering mmmmm leading to mindblowing sex and damned intense orgasms!
Puff Puff Pass!
Think I'll fire up a bowl right now
Marijuana on Bisexual PlaygroundMarijuana on Bisexual PlaygroundMarijuana on Bisexual PlaygroundMarijuana on Bisexual Playground

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