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I've had a few different experiances. When we were dating we had a foursome with three guys. While I was fucking here she was servicing them and it got me off so bad. Then a few years later we were having a party and I walked in on her and a guy fucking and I got so hard and masturbated as I looked on
any guys in vegas wanting to see their wife get fucked...hit me up. i'm happy to oblige.
I've never done it, but I would love to see my wife get fucked by several well hung men. I just want to watch how she reacts to the huge cocks :-P
That was nice, would love to see that in person or see that story on film would be nice got any copies. lol Nicely done. ;)
my first experience was in chicago at a bar. i met this woman, she was amazingly beautiful. my cock was so hard just looking at her. she said i could go home with her. then her husband walked up. she said she wanted all three of us to go... she could not keep her hands off me in the car. and rubbing my cock through my pants. we went to a hotel.. and the first thing she did was suck my cock while taking her husbands cock in her tight pussy from behind. Wow, did i say it was the tightest pussy i had ever had. when i first shoved my decent sized cock in her. it felt like i was huge, cuz her pussy was so tight. while she was riding her husbands cock, she wanted me to put my cock in her pussy at the same time. i tried, but it would not go... super tight. all night we took turns filling her pussy with out cum and in the morning he walked in after getting breakfast, to me standing up with his wife legs wrapped around me and me lifting her up and down on my cock,, it really turned him on to see me fucking his wife like that. he actually pulled his cock out and just beat his cock and came right there on the floor.
Men Watching Wife Get Fucked on Bisexual PlaygroundMen Watching Wife Get Fucked on Bisexual PlaygroundMen Watching Wife Get Fucked on Bisexual PlaygroundMen Watching Wife Get Fucked on Bisexual Playground

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