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Guilty as charged.
Pumping, zinc, ball massages and postponement. End result? Five, six shotglasses' worth. Yay.
this would be my problem as well, big ol' mess everywhere
that would be my husband,and i love it. sometimes even after a bath,sleeping all night, the next day i still got it running out of me
I love to swallow big loads of fresh hot semen Yummy:-D
I love a man who can shoot a big hot load down my throat or on my face and lips...
I would love to be sucking a cock right now and have him cum in my mouth and try and swallow all his big hot sweet load:-P
I am in The Winnipeg area and looking for some hard cocks with huge cum loads to complete my fantasy. Contact me with pics to discuss. You must be clean, d & d free and NOT in the gay scene. Prefer a first timer too.
[color:Blue]I've always shot a huge cum load. Especially when it's something that really turns me on like getting a nice bj. Even Kim has commented that I shoot alot.[/color]:)
I tend to shoot Peter North type loads and I cum for a while! lol
I love men that can cum a lot. There is nothing better than a large load of cum! If any men close to Erie, Pennsylvania or travel through Erie see my profile then contact me.KissKissKiss
i'm a shooter, not an ooozer. Bi male in Los Angeles Ca
I Love sucking a hartd throbbing Cock and having my partner shoot his huge thick load of cum into my mouth and down my throat... Yummy!
The bigger the better ... love hot cum all over me.
We both LOVE huge cum loads. In our holes or down our throats. Like to see us wearing your seed? Nut all over our faces. Take pics to show your friends.....but, only those that will use us!!
i shoot big loads and love to have them shot in my mouth or on my face
mmmmm would luv to see that :) :-P:-P
I shoot a big stream of cum and love to share it with whomever wants it
Please shoot your Huge Cum Load all over my food and face.Flower
I just swallowed the hugest load yesterday at foster's theater this nice built guy from austintown while I was sucken his cock he said "I hope u like huge loads because I work out and take vitamins" and it was like milking a bull and I love to suck white dick so it was a fantasy come true
Any men in michigan who like to swallow cum loads over and over again maybe shoot a load over each other then lick up every drop?
I had a hot evening last night... blowing 2 guys and getting 2 loads each... much to my surprise every load was huge... 2 i took in my mouth, and 2 i requested to get all over my faggot face. i lovew that feeling of cum ropes landing on my face... cock heaven.
love hot loads in my mouth on my face really love cream pies licking cum from tits asses cocks it's all good
Looking in S W Pa
Men who love to share cum with a woman are so fucking hot to me. Whether it is my cum or his, a three-way cum kiss with a woman is so sensual.
mmm i shoot bad ass big loads and love to have bad ass big loads in my mouth and ass
Who can give me a big load in Florida
I always shoot big thick loads. It depends on the situation. I usually shoot alot more when its a man
Feed me daddy! I’m such an obedient and talented cock whore. I ALWAYS swallow my hot steamy thick reward!!mmmmmhmmm
Men Who Shoot Huge Cum Loads on Bisexual PlaygroundMen Who Shoot Huge Cum Loads on Bisexual PlaygroundMen Who Shoot Huge Cum Loads on Bisexual PlaygroundMen Who Shoot Huge Cum Loads on Bisexual Playground

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