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Can someone tell me just exactly what 'Mushroom Hunting' is???? I'm guessing it isn't what it implies....frolicking though the forest searching for wild mushrooms in order to get high. Any help out there?
Mushroom hunting is exactly that. Crawling around in the woods looking for edible mushrooms. Yes, there are also those wonderful funny shoorms out there, but most people hunting shrooms are looking for cooking accessories. I have been picking Morels and other various mushrooms here in Wisconsin since I was a child.
Here in Oregon we go hunting for chantrelles and morels and porcine mushrooms. It is a twofold joy - first, the fresh air and second, the eating!
LOL!!! I never would have thought Mushroom Hunting was exactly what it implied. I guess I should get my mind outta the gutter!
thats tooo funny, i should also get my mind outta there...rflmao
Morels are choice cooking mushrooms... i found a black morel patch not too far from my home town last may, that i plan on watching like a hawk next spring.
The mushrooms refered to in this context may often be found in the same location as New Mexico Trouser Trout. I can just hear you going ...."OH...THAT'S what they meant". From what I remember Arizona Zipper Snakes have been found in a similar locale. Glad to help.
TO ME: on this website - mushroom hunting is of the sexual nature; like mine... Looking for that cock with a beautifully engorged cock-head that not only fills my mouth with its' great expanse as I suck it and the strength of the mans' phallus - butt (mine) it's also the feeling of getting fucked bi that same cockhead and phallus while hearing it make me have man-pussy farts as it fills me up on the down-stroke and sucks all of the air out of me on the upstroke!!! Getting fucked, passionately, with a nice "mushroom" is an awesome experience!!! Check out my profile for more...
OH boy! there isn't anything to compare with a nice hard cock with a big head. That's soooooo delicious.
I just added a photo of my Dick . Tell me do I have a Mushroom head?Hug
well i love all kinds of mushrooms.. the ones you cut up and cook with, and the others that are better just sucked on. The ones that you suck on can be found in the dark too... usually in pants... I like those because after you suck on them longer enough you receive this wonderful liquid that comes spurting out. the ones you suck cannot be harvested from there place of origin. You simply find them, uncover it and suck it while its still attached to it growing place... the best part is, you can keep it and suck on it over and over, and this type of mushroom has these 2 delicious balls attached to the bottom of the stem... you can suck those too. happy hunting.
In my youth, I searched for those magic mushrooms that will not only get you high but will totally fuck you up!!! Those are found in the morning after a rain in cow pastures rising from a chip. lol! They have a purple nipple on top and when making tea with them they smell bad and taste bad, but they will alter your perspectives for a few days if you drink the whole gallon without help!! Now I'm hunting another kind of mushroom, It looks like a Germans helmet and gives off a nice gooey substance that is full of protein and usually has 2 pals by his side. LOL!Hug
So, when I picked this from the list, I was hoping to meet people who knew about hunting for mushrooms to eat! Turns out it’s a different kind of mushroom. But I like those too. As long as they don’t come attached to an orange buffoon and look like Toad from Mario. 🤣🤣🤣
Could suck that for hours
Love mushrooms of all types. Ones with stems are the best for sucking the juice out of
Mushroom Hunting on Bisexual PlaygroundMushroom Hunting on Bisexual PlaygroundMushroom Hunting on Bisexual PlaygroundMushroom Hunting on Bisexual Playground

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