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How can I find some other bi-curious females that want to possibly meet at my gym for some "mutual masturbation" post workout?
Randy448 check your mail box. sediment25
Hey..we all love to get off right? And any new and different way or setting works as a great turn on to make the cum better and stronger. Doing the Taboo of being with and watching the other guy too as well as being watched is HARD to beat,,,,,Who knows what direction things will take???? Anyone in North Ontario???? Have Fun.
****ATTENTION ***LADIES***Hi My Name is Neal and i am seeking female friends some what close tomy area for many fun activities to share together but of course one i really enjoy is mutually masturbating eachother at same time its very fun and exciting also seeking to meet bisexual women in my area for some other actifities am really into touching and my thought is the more hands the more fun,lol but have had thrresome fantasies forever yet never had the pleasure in real life . also I am anartist and seek friends who want to help me be involved in a cool art form. how would you like to capture the moment of that exsperience with you and a friend masturbating I make body cast Art work and could cast a hand holding a penis or touhing the sweetnes of the hand fingering exsperience witha woman and her Yoni make an iteresting set of bookends huh ! lolhahah wellhey letss hook up and practisce our poses loland make some funart let justsee how muchfun we canhavetogether lets set anew level of fun lol thanx and look forward to hearing from you ladies thanks and xoxoxoand some :-P Licking :-P thrown in for fun Hug:-P:-P:-D:)KissKissFlower:- P
this is something else that i have seen and want to try with a couple of guys, shame not to many people in my area that i can do this with.:-P
i always wanted to try this out with another man :-P
nothing like seeing my partner cum the same time iam jacking off nothing better then that
Nothing makes me hotter than seeing a guy jacking off or a woman fingering her clit as I watch
the first time i was jacked off by somebody else was fantastic!! when i starting cumming,it went every where!!and was so powerful!! my cock stayed hard so long!!nothing like it!!
Any guys in the Dallas Fort Worth area looking for a jerk off buddie , let me know.....would love to watch porn and have us jerk each other off. I promise I will be a good sissy and keep it out of my mouth.:-P
Mutual masterbation sounds like fun... ;-)
Any guys, gals or couples in Los Angeles who'd like to masturbate together...let me know!! I'm nice and thick and shoot a generous load...let's do it together! Drop me a note ... Pete ()
I have a JO bud that I get together with once in a's freakin' awesome!!:-D
It started as a circle jerk and since I became a-dick-ted - Love to study the stroke technique each guy uses to get to the ultimate - then, use it later when the opportunity arises!!! :-P
I think that I would love to have another man jerk me off at the same time I am doing masturbating him also. I envision us facing each other sitting with our legs encompassing each other so our cock and balls are almost touching. Who knows we may be doing other thngs while we are bringing each other to climax. Afterwards, at least for me, I would need to make sure that he is empty. This to may lead to other items.:-D
I would love yo mastrubate with another person, man or women!!!!!!! Any takers??????????:-P
Mutual masturbation is exquisite!
When you jack each other off,odds are you will shoot your hot goo all over each other at the same time'''AHHHHHH:):)
I'd love to experience this!! What a turn on for me to think about another man playing with me while I play with him, in whatever position we end up in. Watching each other, or helping, it's all good! This could go on for hours.....
I love watching someone get themselves off while I am doing the same.. Big turn on, I also like when we play with ourselves. I have a friend and we do this all the time love it when he cums on me;);););)KissKiss
I love watching others m & f masturbate while I stroke me cock too, it is such a turn on and would love to fine a group here in Vagas to have fun with.
i love to masterbate and watch both males and females i have jerked off men and rub females till they have cum, it is my favourite thing to watch someone cum
I would love to rind someone in the Des Moines, Ia or near here to Jerk off together or more I love it when someone else jerks me off and I love doing the same I have 8 in and it shoots one hell of a load!! any takers
My husband and I enjoy watching each other get off, sometimes we will add the twist of masturbating each other at the same time, usually laying side by side. I haven't been lucky enough to see two men masturbating at the same time...yet :)
Looking for guys to jerk off with. Never done it before....would like to try it! Want to jerk off another cock! Look me up!
anyone want to start a club in SOUTHWEST FLORIDA?
Hey, I love "mutual Masturbation" with either men or women, preferably couples. Gonna be up near brewster NY next week, anyone want a playmate?
I would love to jackoff with any guy from wisconsin, watching porn or whatever at my place or your place or outdoors.:)
Anyone in the Portland Oregon area wanting a J/O buddy?
I'm new to the Chattanooga area and am looking to hook up with either bi or gay male for mutual masturbation and sucking each other off...Over 40 only please...I don't have time to play games with the younger drama kings/queens...I love str8porn or bi very open, am very voyeuristic and very exhibitionistic and I can be damn daring and outrageous...all ya gotta do is make a dare....ROFLMAO! I'm at Bisexplaygrnd as jerkmehauoff...:-D:-D:-D:-P:-P :-P
I have a friend down the street, about a block away, who is about the same age as I. I'll call him Steven. Somehow he caught on to the fact that my wife and I are completely bisexual. He started coming over and eventually owned up to me that he loved mutual masturbation and even jerking off another man. He claimed to be good at it. However, he wanted me to know that he didn't consider himself either gay or bisexual because he wouldn't do anything else or go any further. It took 3 or 4 more visits before he asked if I would consider "doing it" with him. In the meantime, I had talked to my wife about this and she told me to go ahead and find out how good he was if he ever asked again. So, I told Steven we should give it a try. I invited Steven up to our bedroom. The first thing he noticed when he came through the door was a framed photograph above our bed. It is of me, wearing a very sheer and beautiful night gown. Through it you can see that I am naked. It's a very abstract photo with the gown swirling in motion. My wife is a photographer and she loves to dress me up in these kinds of things and photograph me. Steven was grabbed by it and was staring at it as I undressed. When he saw I was naked, he was taken back and said he hadn't planned on nudity. I asked him how he masturbated with someone and he said with clothing on. I told him I wouldn't do it that way. Nervously, he disrobed. I gathered it was the first time he was naked before another grown man in a private setting. I laid on the bed. Steven sat on the bed next to me. I had a pretty good erection and Steven took hold and began to stroke me. He certainly knew how to do it. I find it difficult to jerk someone else off. The angles seem all wrong. But Steven could do it. I told him to lay back with me, but he sat over me and pumped vigorously, but gently on my cock. It wasn't long before he had me at the edge and then over and I came all over his hand. He let go slowly and easily. I took his hand and drew it to my mouth to lick it off, but he was shocked and pulled away. He wanted to know what I was doing. My explanation only shocked him further. Steven lay back on the bed and, with his gooey hand, began to work on his own cock. I put my hand in to try doing it to him. It seemed he only reluctantly allowed me to. He looked pretty good laying there naked. I wanted to cover his cock with my mouth, but I didn't try. After a while he expressed dissatisfaction with how I was doing him and he took himself again and began to stroke. He closed his eyes and pumped away. I had a good time watching him do it and, when he came, I managed to scoop up some of his ejaculation with my fingers and I licked it up. I could tell he didn't like that. He dressed rapidly, bolted down the stairs and disappeared down the street. I figured I would never see him again; however, he was back about 5 days later and wanted to do it again. I told him I would only if he would show me how to jerk him off properly. This time he was more patient and I began to learn. He drops in regularly now -- like once a week or once every two weeks and, if it's an appropriate time, we jerk off together. I've really gotten no further except he agreed one day to let Wendy, my wife, watch us do it together. Then she talked him into letting her take photographs if his face wasn't included. She must have taken a hundred. She loved the way he could pump on me and make me come so excitedly. He was freaked when she insisted on taking my cock in her mouth and cleaning me up right after I came. Most of the time we are alone, just the Steven and I, when we do it. He is much more settled about undressing with me. Eventually he even allowed me to fondle his balls. One of these days I'll try again to kiss his dick and see if I get away with that. I asked him how often he masturbated and he thought it was probably 4 or 5 times a week. And how often with other men? He told me there was only me and one other guy right now. The other guy lives out in the suburbs, though, and it hard to get together with him. I wondered if the other guy would make a threesome some time and whether he might be gay. That really jolted old Steven. He didn't think so. I'll work on that some more, too. I'll post one of Wendy's photos some day -- one of Steven doing it to me.
Looking for suck and J/O buddy in Clayton NC
love stroking a hard thick cock whie fingering my pussy . soooo hot and makes me cum sooo hard .
I'm looking for a J/O buddy in North Tampa / Lutz area.
Looking for someone to Masturbate with in the Las Vegas Area
I love to masturbate. 2-3 times aday! Im un-cut, so to puul the skin all the way back is a great feeling I love to to it to ohers and have it done to me! MMM mmm the touch of a good hand
Hello I am looking for a mutual masterbation partner in the Ogden. Salt Lake City Utah area, Anyone out there that would like to get together for some exxxxciting fun with a good possibility of a mutual massage as well.
I Do this alot and Love it.FlowerHug
I like to do this any way the other person likes a they can watch b I can watch them c they can do me d I can do them e we both do each other THAT is my favorite, esp when I can jack the other guy off using my cum......or eat the lady after she has let me cum inside her. ...I like it WET However, proper ettiquette dictates that we do what YOU want to do, esp if you are new are curious. I am now confident in this and enjoy helping others learn to feel ok with it too. Yes, it is taboo....but yes, it is eROTic
This has crossed my mind a few times. Try and find a group of men and women willing to do so is another story.
I love it!!!:)
My wife is busy 3 days a week so looking for a partner to jerk with in WA state, whidbey Island, I'm a trans guy F to M, so I have a large clit or mini dick, due to my t-shots. I like to see all cocks or pussy.
We both enjoy watching and helping each other get off.while masturbating as well as friends we invite to play with us... :)
omg, this turns me on big time
Hi Ed here. Any1 in Ft. Lauderdale fl area want to get together for mutual suck, j/o
Anyone from Southern California interested in getting off together please let me know.
Anyone in San Diego interested in mutual masturbation?
looking for a j/o buddy in MI. IN. OH.
Love it with either males....females.....or couples :) :-D
Im ready in Florida
I Just Want All Of Your Very and Sweet Female or Male Cum ---> To Cum and To Cum Again and Again All Night Long ---> Interested - Do Let Me Know That OK ? and I Will Let You's All Know Where and When we all can CUM - TOGETHER ---> In Philly PA That Is ? Take a Look At My Profile and I Do Hope To Meet all of you's Very SOON ---> But Bye 4 Now... :) Kiss Hug
Looking for a regular JO FB who is interested in having some fun on an ongoing basis.
Any girls in the southern to central Indiana area interested in getting together. Masturbating, all girl orgy, enjoying our toys, or just what ever comes natural to us. I get really turned on watching gals masturbating! Hey we can assist each other when needed. I would love to strap on a hard cock and fuck her pussy, while she is licking a girls clit. A relaxing and laid back atomoshere, creating a comfortable place to express our bi-curious nature. What an awsome time it would be for a female wanting to experience a woman for the first time.
I would like to meet a horny guy like me.
I am in Sacramento Ca area. I would like to meet someone or a small group to get together with for mutual masturbation men women couples all welcome though more likely to be other men. I had experienced a small group like that some years back it was k shared a nice hotel room for weekend each came and went as they pleased. sometimes planned out something special other times just went with the flow. Anyway I would like to even meet one person to start with
I'd like to find a woman around my age who would enjoy getting naked and having mutual masturbation on line, perhaps with cam, or just being watched or watching me. Finding an older women into masturbation is not easy to do but maybe you're the one and only dream girl. :)
Anyone in Central Texas up for masterbation?
any groups in chareston SC?
It's a great way to start off a session of fucking...I put my hands down your pants and you put yours down mine. Hot!
Would love to masterbate with someone woman, man, cross dressers, working each other or just masterbating and watching each other lets cum together. email me
Especially if you haven't cum for a week.
About to go on skype. If any ladies want to join me for mutual fun please message me
Let's get together
Mutual Masturbation on Bisexual PlaygroundMutual Masturbation on Bisexual PlaygroundMutual Masturbation on Bisexual PlaygroundMutual Masturbation on Bisexual Playground

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