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WOW.. we have done this. I invited one of my gf's over. We moved the dining room table & chairs, laid out the twister mat, then I sqeezed 1/2 bottle of erotic massage oil (vanilla) all over the mat. Hubby was the spinner, and let me tell u,,, it was crazy, hot, sexy fun. Both of us girls got into some pretty wild positions. Till we got to one, and well.... she blew her load all over my face It was awsome :) 3 rules if u try this, becareful it gets very slippery, and never use "BABY OIL"----, it takes forever to get it out of yur hair, during a shower !!! And drinking booze, makes it more funny :)::-P Kiss Good-Luck & Have Fun.....:-P Brandy & Bryan
love naked twister played it at the bdsm club we are members of we had the subs doing it and all the spectators had water guns filled with baby oil that they squirted whenever they wanted nice and slippery and a hell of a lot of fun!
We just bought a new twister game and looking for some fun bi people for a game of total bi twister. Let us know if you want to play!
Anyone in L.A. interested in putting together a naked twister party? I'd be happy to host! What fun!!
I bought this game at a garage sale and looking for friends of all types to play it with. You are welcome at my house.
I Love playing naked gets the action moving fast & delicious.nothing like having a pussy or cock for you to suck on till the next call
super fun!!!
We Love to play naked twister with our friends and especially if a bottle of Wesson Oil is introduced... Grin
WOW! Now,That Sounds Fun! I'd love to play.....:)
This sounds like fun.
Naked Twister on Bisexual PlaygroundNaked Twister on Bisexual PlaygroundNaked Twister on Bisexual PlaygroundNaked Twister on Bisexual Playground

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