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looking for a crossdresser in central nj, passability not an issue.
I was having a threesome with a couple and orally pleasuring the girl and she said close my eyes and next thing she had her boyfriend stick his cock in my mouth. I had no,intention of having sex with a man but it was so hot we got crazy and I swallowed it all the first time I had a penis in my mouth. I liked it and then she kissed me and wanted his cum her boyfriend and then she wanted me and i came in her mouth he was fucking her in the ass. He didn’t do anything else with me but I was interested I’m not sure what to do with just a man and have really only had oral and as you see i was surprised. I have been with a guy and we just 69 and it was a while ago and I really want to be with both with total involvement of all. However I want to learn how to make love to a man and learn more about how men make love. Watching gay porno films are just sucking and fucking with no sensual intimacy. I am interested with a couple fully involved

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