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I am seeking a woman who has a need for something sensual in her life with someone who knows how to please. Someone in the South Texas area:-P
I have always been very oral, but now that my medical condition and medications make it difficult for me to achieve erections, I am more oral than ever. I am a great pussy-licker and give terrific blowjobs and rim I love to give prolonged oral service to orgasmic conclusions. I love to tongue out asses :P and swallow semen :-D email me for demonstrations :) Willy
A lot of times I'll talk about giving oral pleasure. Bottom line is that's what I enjoy the most. Receiving oral pleasure when it happens is wonderful. I was very lucky my Ex was a beautiful cocksucker and I learned most of my techniques form her. One of the best bj's I had was from a guy. He was very good and I knew it was going to be great the minute his mouth took me in. He reached up and grabbed my hips really hard squeezing and needing them. I felt the neurons firing and just started to slowly fuck his mouth. He reached around and grabbed me by the checks of my ass and started rotating his hands. As he rewrapped his hands I felt his finger tips touch my bum hole and some more firing went off. He was still sucking and I was building. He began spreading my ass hole open and then he inserted a finger. Sparks are flying now. I felt my self pushing down on his finger and he didn't miss a beat sucking. A second finger entered and I was going wild. He was working his mouth and fingers. This guy knew rhythm When I came it was one of those great orgasms that last long. I think I forgot to breath. I shot three times and then he just held it in his mouth until it softened taking those last drop that were oozing out. That's close to a mind blowing blow job
I love oral
love to do oral on male and females love the taste
Oral Pleasures on Bisexual PlaygroundOral Pleasures on Bisexual PlaygroundOral Pleasures on Bisexual PlaygroundOral Pleasures on Bisexual Playground

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