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Once was floating on a raft in the middle of a lake with my then girlfriend on her raft too. After a while, we got in the water to cool off. I had one arm on the raft and the other around her in the water; she had one arm on her raft and another around me. We started kissing, then fucking right there in the middle of the lake, with folks occasionally swimming or floating by. Way hot.
Sue and I Love having sex outdoors, but particularly on the beach. The sun, sound of the waves, and sense of freedom one feels can never be duplicated. :)
We're very lucky to have a spot @ Jordan Lake where men go to sunbath & walk around nude. Of course all this leads to one in the woods !
nothing like fucking on top of a roof in manhattan!
love to get naked and have sex in the woods
I love it and like to do it often... I have a lot of places to go. Come on over.
One of my fave fantasies is to be camping in the wilderness naked all weekend and do it anytime the mood strikes ya wherever you may be. Hottttttt!Kiss
I like tigerlilys idea wish there were more places to do such.:-P
Sex outdoors, would love to video taped while fucking outside:-PKissHug:-D
Now that the weather is improving, I look forward to going up into the hills with a guy or two (or three), spreading a blanket and being a total slut, sucking cock , rimming everybody and putting face in pillow & ass in air so they can all fuck my ass...:-D oh yeah, gals are welcome too:-P
my first sexual experiences were at the beach sometimes during the day sometimes at night, got caught by a cop once

still the best sex ever
my first bi 3 way sex was on a nude area on South Padre Island, Texas. I met a cpl who eventually admitted that they liked to have sex with bi men, I said I was bi and we partied there on the beach with others walking around and watching us, what a thrill
I want to be outdoors sucking my man's hard dick and knowing that I could get rammed from behind at any moment. I would fuck mysefl out of the situation! Yum!!!Hug
Its spring! warm weather and sex outdoors!!!!!:-P
I've always wanted to have sex outside, up the canyon. I fantasize about my date taking me up the canyon, making me take off all my cloths, him staying fully dressed, then taking his cock out and making me suck him until he's ready to fuck me good and hard.
i agree with tigerlily also. i love being naked outdoors.the idea of camping all weekend naked sounds great to me,especially if there are a few of us;)
Absolutely love being naked outdoors. Never been out in to a nude beach or anything like that, but love spending time out in our back yard. Sunbathing nude feels so good under the AZ sun
yeop nuthing like it. Love to be out side, nice warm sun, breeze, getting all slicked up with suntan lotion, and slipping it right on in there. First time we did anal was like that. Hot and oiled up on a blanket. Went in so easy, and she said it was a lot better than the first time we tried indoors on the bed. Didnt hurt, didnt have to stretch and take it easy, just started the head in and she pushed back for the rest and slid it all the way right down to my balls on the first squeeze. Wow that was great. Any time at all during the summer, we would rather go outside than inside. Late in the season when the bugs are out, have to spray the perimeter, but, even then, the lotion keeps them away. I guess they don't like the slippy as much as we do. lol. But yes, definately outside.
Love the outdoors !!! ;)
It's been years since I have had outdoor fun. I love to go camping and just be naked around other men. NSA!
:) I will run at night on a secluded trail to strip naked and just enjoy the feeling of total nudity.
Love out door sex and all that goes with it. Nudist at heart. Problem in Southern California on the coast is that the crowds have closed a few of the nude beaches and the Christian right are not happy about the rest. All the once naked spots on the coast take a hike to get to. Recently things seems to swinging back as law enforcement has far better things to do. Also love hiking naked in the Dessert. Has anyone ever been to Palm Canyon in Palm Springs.
Outdoor Sex on Bisexual PlaygroundOutdoor Sex on Bisexual PlaygroundOutdoor Sex on Bisexual PlaygroundOutdoor Sex on Bisexual Playground

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