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I love giving oral to both men and women! Preferably with both present at the same time! ;) Blowjob :-P
Being very oral I Love being able to please our Male and Female friends orally Blowjob :-P
i love to suck cock with my gf and then lick some pussy with her too. Yummmy
I also enjoy giving oral to either sex. I have learned over the last couple of years that I enjoy even more the excitement and tantalizing ecstacy of having a man blow his cum into my mouth! I love it so much.
my #1 fantasy... would LUV to perform oral on a hot couple, pleasing them both to the point of orgasm! Just waiting to meet that perfect couple...
Love performing oral on both men and women. It's even more fun while they are fucking and you can stimulate both. Fortunately, I am a member of several bi-friendly groups and I have an opportunity to do this often.
wow it seems like the question would be who doesn't love licking a pussy and sucking a cock... I have always loved both... :-P
This is a fantasy of mine -- to be able to suck a man to completion and then take that mouthful of come and lick it on to a beautiful shaved pussy!
Giving Oral delight to couples is my primary sexual interest! Any way YOU want, Any place YOU choose, Any time YOU desire. My wish is to fulfill YOUR needs.

To please a couple orally, Man & Woman, is my pleasure & delight. Tell me what YOU want & let me make YOU Happy.:)

Be Happy
D i c k:):):)
just say when and where, my pleasureKissKissKissFlowerFlow erFlower
I'm open to performing oral on both men and women. I'm VERY open to both. Looking for right guy though, as many are freaked or homophobic. I'm not, just looking for normal cool dude to explore with.

Why wouldn't anyone enjoy both, its so natural to me and I have learned so much by watching men suck and have helped a few close male friends improve their pussy licking and clit playing technique. My man loves watching me and I love watching him and when we are both involved as we ussually are ummm ummm good....
Im ready in Florida
Would love to find a couple to service orally, both him & her..then have her service us guys..then me & her service him..them they serv....well you get the idea lol
My favorite way to enjoy a couple. I am oral bi. i simply love to pleasure a couple orally. especially if i am invited to lick and suck them both while he is inside her. licking and sucking on them both until i am rewarded with a cream pie to savor..
I really enjoy performing oral on women and men :-P Blowjob my biggest fantasy is to perform oral on both at the same time and clean up the cream pie reward ;)
I've had the pleasure of performing oral on both at the same time as I was under the lady in a 69 as the other man fucked her from behind, and also while on my knees as she sat on his lap riding his cock. It's an awesome experience knowing you're adding to their pleasure as you lick and suck both of them. The reward is the fresh creampie!
Love to be licking a cock and a vulva to gether
Love to give oral sex and more
YES it has also been my dream to get with a man and woman and let them to it to each other while I watch and then join in and lick suck both of them while they cum licking all of their cum and making them cum again
Performing Oral On Men & Women on Bisexual PlaygroundPerforming Oral On Men & Women on Bisexual PlaygroundPerforming Oral On Men & Women on Bisexual PlaygroundPerforming Oral On Men & Women on Bisexual Playground

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