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I love to see women with pierced nipples and labia I think it veeeeery erotic. I have a PA and I am going to get another one on my cock not sure where yet probably at the base of my cock.
:) i was about to ask where the Dicks with PA's were until i spotted netcruiser's message right above mine - going to visit his profile right now!
PA'S ?.. There's a few of us around.. however its scares most folks off it seems..
I love getting fuck by my boyfriends PA!
Piercings are cool. I have two a frenum in my cock and a one nipple.
I have both nipples pierced, twice on the right side. I also have my PA and twin Dydoes! I have yet to have any complaints with them.
I have both nipples pierced and a frenum plus pierced tonque. How bad did the PA's hurt getting done. I was shocked how bad the nipples hurt getting done the other 3 didn't hurt at all.
Piercings on Male or Female are just plain SEXY. Had both my nipples pierced for about 8 years and now have a cock pierced [frenum] and one in my balls. I love the way the look and feel
I love ALL my peircings!:)
I personally find men and women with various areas of their anatomy pierced to be not only sexy and hot, but very exciting...
i just got my junk pierced today. i'm loving it!
I have a PA myself. Appreciate others who are bold enough to have genital piercings also.
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