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No problems here - I hope to get one this Christmas actually. Anyone hear anything about Gran Turismo 4?
I like the PS2 it is a great system to use. I bought it so I could continue my collection of WWE SmackDown games. I currently own all the released SmackDown games. My wife bought me SmackDown vs Raw this past Christmas. My wife likes the system for the Harry Potter games, and also the Final Fantasy series of games. We have just about all of them that are out on the market, except Final Fantasy 11 because we don’t play online games with it. I have a huge collection of PS2 games and regular play station games. (Yes I am a gaming freak I know.) I am currently playing Burnout Three I love the Crash courses and the Rage courses. I am not that big a fan of racing games, but demolition games are great I love causing massive damage by wrecking cars on this game.
Marie has just bought a the new PS2 to help entertain her while she's in Philly. She's really enjoyed Pac Man World 2 and Jax II. Considering I was the one that wanted one for the longest time so I could play the EA NHL games, she seems to be getting more enjoyment out of it then me... :-)
gt 4 rules!!!!
I Love my PS2. I'm playing a few new games and it is a great way to burn up 6 or 8 hours without getting anything accomplished lol.
I also love my PS2 and have a few games that I really enjoy playing to pass the time when I have some down time...
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