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love to have a cock in my mouth when i take a deep hit of poppers mmmm the best
my lady used to ejaculate when i ate her out and she took a hit
I find that taking hits of 'poppers' definitely helps my sphincter to relax as I'm receiving a very large dick (8" plus) in my ass. I get the 'euphoric high' that allows me to push back to take more of his dick inside. Or, when my wife and I are sucking (sharing) a nice big Black dick, she'll take over when the guy indicates that he's about to blow his wad in order to take a 'lung full of poppers', then "take over to receive his full hot load"... Yummmm... :-P
I use poppers all the time as I find that the short lived high makes me harder and shoot with a little more power. The wife doesn't like them herself, but she gets increased oral satisfaction when I use them.
poppers definately make taking a dick in my ass much easier. for guys who have tight holes they're invaluable.
they can make play a lot more fun
I've heard about these poppers but sadly I'm not familiar with them. Can someone tell me where to get them.
I've never done poppers, but I've heard other guys really enjoy them when doing anal. I'm open minded with right dude or couple.
I love doing poppers when I am getting my cock sucked watching porn:)
i had never done them until recently. this new guy i met had some and ask if i wanted t otry it and wow... i am a bottom and a submissive cocksucker. i did a hit in both nostrals and waited for the rush than he told me to swallow his enormus cock. OMG the sensation of his cock in my throat sucking on it was something hard to explain. recently this guy I've been blowing thats a DOM started doing them so now when i go there to service him (blowjobs only) we take hits enhancing the experience on both sides on the cock. I've heard that anal is amazing and I am looking forward to experiencing that as well. A little word of caution tho.. they are not healthy to do. if you take the little blue pill or any type of hardon meds be careful... read up on them.. Just google side effects of poppers. Like anything else that feels that good, there is a price to pay. and a risk!!!!
Sorry all can't use them because of medical reason :(:(
love the feel of a big HARD cock pounding my ass when I take a hit of poppers (tacoma WA)
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