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i masterbate to porn whenever i have the time!
We don't watch porn because it turns us on, on to masterbate from watching it.. Just why not watch something where people are all naked rather than wearing clothing? We simply like to watch people just for the sake of watching them.. We're VERY picky about the people in the porn, if they don't meet standards, we turn the page or flip the channel!
If anyone wants me to be in thier pics i won't say to be in porn
I live to be photographed or filmed sucking and getting fucked! Angel
hey, richandchris........any of the porn you make for sale?
gay porn rules!
I am a photographer who has all the equipment to make videos and still shots for those who are interested.I love to see a woman getting nailed by big cocks that streach her tite pussy open and then get shots of the cock as it goes limp and allows the cream to oozy out. If interested contact me these are for my own use and you get copies to take home with you. I DO NOT CHARGE FOR THIS FUN!
I love girl on girl porn!!! would love it if another women woul want to make some with me!
Love MM porn, MMF
Would love to be in a XXX-hardcore sex porn video. Anyone who has a camera and wants to tape me let's go.
One of the best ways to cum if one is alone, bored and horny. :-P
Forget about watching a porno, we for one enjoy getting naked and being an active part of the action. The great part about being bisexual is that you can have all the cock and pussy you desire...Wink
Hello room. I'm a 36 handsome bi male looking to be recorded or photographed well in a MM, MF, MMF, or MFF check out my profile. Please be local and serious. if interested in seeing my face pic email.
Looking for a hot, sexy, wet, horny and single bisexual female that is down to fuck on the first time we meet.. She MUST be between the ages of 18 and 30 ( NO MORE, NO LESS)... She also MUST be able to provide some sort of identification to prove that she is really that age once we meet in person... She MUST also be a very respective and wonderful personality that clicks with mine and my husband's personalities... Kiss Flower To Everyone and we hope to hear back from some very sexy and beautiful ladies... :-P
Pornography on Bisexual PlaygroundPornography on Bisexual PlaygroundPornography on Bisexual PlaygroundPornography on Bisexual Playground

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