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My first-ever bi three-way was on a beach in South Padre Island, Texas. We were between two parked vehicles near the water, and as people walked past, they were treated to the view of me fucking a woman while her husband was fucking me in my ass... I would wave as they stared at us and smiled invitingly, but no one came and joined us dang it... but the fact that we were being watched made it better for me...:-D
It was just cumming dusk as I began "cruising" one (well, one of many) night in Santa Clara, CA, walking from my brother's house to the local Gay bar. As I got about three blocks from the bar, along the "back" way, I was fortunate enough to be "flagged-down" by a "regular". I got into his van, we found a place nearby on the street and proceeded with our pleasure... We got in the second-row seat, got naked and I sucked him to the proper level of passionate aggression when he spun me around. I leaned over the console between the two front seats and he squeezed a gob of KY up my ass, greased his pole and shoved it in my ass... He started off easy as he stroked my for a few tentative moments. Then he growled and started slamming my ass as he finished with vigor. He cleaned me up a bit, thanked me for the casual fucking and dropped me off at the Gay bar. I played a couple games of pool, drank a couple drinks and went to the bathroom. There, I was standing next to good-looking black man, about my age. I looked at him, he looked at me and then got to know one another a little better by me sucking on his magnificent cock after we got done pissing... He had to be at least 10 long, medium inches - nummy!!! He said he didn't want to go any further at the club and did I want to go out to his car... He was driving a sports car!!! Yeah, right - like anything can happen in a sports car! He said he lived too far up north past Oakland and didn't want to have to bring me back in the morning, could we find a place "up the street" where he could have me... We drove back into an apartment complex, parked, got out and went over near a grove of trees by a street light. We both dropped our shorts and I sucked his beautiful cock til he couldn't wait any longer... He told me to turn around and "grab my ankles"... As I did so, he grabbed my hips and pulled me to him as he rested his cock on my backside while he applied a generous amount of KY to my ass and his cock. Then, he started to slowly push his cock into me - but, after not finding any resistance, he thrust the rest of his cock into me in flash - MAN, THAT FELT GOOD!!! He proceeded to literally fuck me like a jack hammer for a solid 10 minutes or so, then he started to slowly stroke my ass as he regained his strength. Seeing as how we were near the street light anyway, he told me to brace against it for what was cumming... He wasn't kidding either - he litterally started POUNDING MY ASS with some of the most fierce fucking I've ever received!!! With each stroke I could feel his ebony steel rod leave my ass and then return anew - complete with the air left between us as my man-pussy began to make pussy-farts with every slapping stroke of his meat and large cock-head... He screamed as he drained himself into my insatiable ass - I'd been beyond ecstacy since he rammed me the first time - I was quivering and drooling when he finally came... I've no words... I decided to walk home from there and get some air... About three blocks from the house I get "flagged-down" by a guy driving a new red Mustang. He asks me "for a light", and as I'm giving him a light, he asks if I like to kiss men, suck dick and get fucked - what a night!!! As I opened the door and got in, he asks if I'd like to "park" somewhere nearby and get laid - what could I say... We actually ended up parking in the parking lot of an elementary school at the end of the block from my brother's house... He was a shortish white guy with an average dick, butt nice and thick!!! We got in the backseat, what there was of it and I sucked his dick for a short time before he announced that it was his birthday and could he just fuck me as he wanted to fuck his FIRST MAN before midnight before his 21st birthday was over - again, what could I say... We tried it doggie style at first but he wasn't long enough to keep it in, in the back seat - so i flipped over and gave him his birthday present for the next twenty minutes, thanked him for the "great fucking" he gave me (really, what dick in your ass is bad???) and went home... A great night!!!
Love playing were we could possibly be caught
i would love to have fun where ever people could watch and be jealous of the good time i am having
Yes, it would be fun and exciting to have sex in a semi-public place where we just might accidentally be seen.Flower
I have always had a fantasy to slip under a tablecloth at a restaurant and give someone I am with an oral buzz in a low lit eh? LOL;)
the thrill and enjoyment of being cought and letting people see plus the intense orgasms are just priceless!any couples or woman in the MD area interested please give us a yel
I get extra horny when I know that we can be discovered. I enjoy giving head while we are driving. Sometimes I finger myself while driving. My favorite occasion happened when my lover and I were have hot sex on the lifeguard stand in Santa Monica. My breasts were out for all to see and he took me from behind while fingering my wet pussy. I rocked sooo hard:-P
our best was in a movie theater watching doctor dolittle three it was only about ten other people in the theather with us so i gave him some head and then lifted my dress and didnt have any panties and he began to rub my pussy and the next thing you know we were going at it we missed the movie but we heard it wasnt that good anyway
In the 25 yrs. that we have been married. Sue and I have enjoyed having fun in public on a number of occasions including: Sex in a motel pool in Jacksonville, FL; a Blowjob in the V-2 Division office on the USS Forrestal; Sex on the pier near the fantail of the USS Enterprise in Alameda, CA; and Blowjob :-P Sex at numerous Drive-In Movies when we first got together. All in all, I believe we both had a lot of fun and found the possibility of getting caught by someone very exciting.... Blowjob :-P Sex
One night about 3 in the morning my wife and I (both a wee bit tipsy) decided to go for a walk around our apartment complex completely nude. We ended up clear on the other side of the complex - completely naked. Then I decided to bend her over the hood of a car in the parking lot, directly under a street light, and fuck her. We were so in to it that we didn't even stop when a car drove by. I'm sure they didn't beleive what they were seeing!
Out of all the times I had sex in a public place the wildest was one I had 7 years ago. I was getting ready for work and my roommate was horny. I told him that he would have to wait until i got off from work. He says he's straight, but he was addicted to my ass. I was walking out to my car and he followed me. Asked me if I could give him a ride to the gas station down the corner. I was going that way so I'm about to drop him off and I notice that he's stroking it like he has an itch. I pulled by the vacuum cleaners, got on the passenger side and made him get out. I pulled down my pants and laid on the front seat. I told him to hurry the fuck up. He bust his nut and I went to work. A week after that he left without paying his share of the rent. I got my money from him a month later. Just because we had a wild moment it does not means that he's going to fuck me.
Very interesting stories guys! I would love for a guy to get in the mood while we were in a public setting and take me somewhere in the area where not as many people could see and have sex. That sounds so awesome. The feeling of it would be amazing. It makes me giggle to think of it.:-D
I really need to find a guy with at least a 7 inch cock close to me so if he's intrested in me enough to get together I could meet up with him as soon as tomorrow and I then will finally get a big hard cock that I've been looking for for months
Hit me up in Northern California Let’s play
Women in or around Springfield Illinois
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