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I am a survivor and wonder how it afects(ed) my (Sex) life, sexuality, etc... Am I alone? Would mind sharing? You can email me too. thanks.
Sexual abuse (along with any other type of abuse) is one of the worst things that can happen to either a man or a woman. To take something so pure and wonderful as sex and turn it into a weapon? How low can you get? And don't get me started on the sexual abuse of minors. It really saddens me to know and see so many people who have suffered this way (including myself). It took me almost 4 years, but slowly over time, me and my husband are working together to erase and rebuild all the damage that was done to me in my youth. Unfortunately even today, some people fail to realize the effects that sexual abuse can have on a person. Boundries get put up and triggers are set off. The worst is when I hear "Just get over it" from someone who has NO idea what it was like for me. Sure I have come a long way, but something like that isn't just "gotten over". It takes time, patience, and a lot of love from the person you are with. That is why I am so lucky to have found my husband. If it were not for him, I don't know what I would do or where I would be. *Sigh* I just want people to know that they are not the only one to have gone through these horrors. There are many of us out there (unfortunately) who have gone through something similar. I'm one of them. And I am proud to say that I survived. Many cannot make that claim. But the ones that have, remember that you are not alone and if you ever need someone to talk to or just a shoulder to cry on, I am here for you. United we stand. Let the cycle end. Ali aka Saylenia
I'm sorry, has no one tried speed then found themselves incredibley horny??? I turn into such a dirty slut! I've done it a couple of times....IT'S AMAZING!:-D
Sex Abuse on Bisexual PlaygroundSex Abuse on Bisexual PlaygroundSex Abuse on Bisexual Playground

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