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I have enjoyed sex in adult theaters since I was 18, one time not to go long ago I had 9 men lined up to get there cock sucked (Love it)
Adult theaters have because a thing of the past here in California, only a very few still around. I've had sex in adult theaters with male/female couples several times, and enjoyed it every time. Once in the Kitty Kat theater in San Diego, a couple came in and sat in the seats directly in front of me, with the woman right in front of me. They began to kiss, and kept kissing for a long period. But the husband would look back at me while kissing the wife. So I figured he was trying to communicate with me thay he wanted me to get involved. I leaned forward, and gentely touched her shoulder. She made no attempt to push my hand away or move, so I slid my hand over her right breast and softlt caressed her boob. The husband continued to watch me and my hand the whole time kissing his wife. I reached into her blouse and released the hook on her front hook bra, and cupped her bare breast in me hand, Meanwhile a few others in the theater were taking notice. I couldn't wait much longer, so I stood up and move to the empty seat next to the wife, I pulled down her blouse, freeing her two bare breasts, and begun to suck and nibbles while I slid my right hand up her skirt. She spread her legs apart, and I felt her pantyless pussy, shaved and wet, as I rubbed her clit and pussy lips. The husband kept kissing her, and watching me the entire time. I leaned down and begun to lick her snatch. It was sweet, clean, and musky from excitement. I moved up on my knees, dropped my pants and took out my very hard cock. At this point her husband, still kissing her, took a hold of my cock and gave it a few encouraging strokes, and then guided me into her waiting pussy. At this point I noticed that about four guys were standing around our little threesome, making no noise, just watching and jacking thenselves. I pumped away at the lady's very friendly pussy, for a good while, before I shoot and very large and hot load. I pulled out of the wife, stood up, and replaced my cock back in my pants, and stepped away from the asile where the couple remained. As soon as I stepped back, another guy slid into the row, dropped down on his knees, and begun to eat the wife out, slurpping down the creampie I had left behind. The entire time the husband kept kissing her, and watching the action.
Anyone know if there is one in San Fransico area ? Flower
My ex girlfriend (a former dancer in Vegas) and I had done some swinging recently. She used to play with me in many ways, mostly with her toys. She would whisper very naughty thoughts in my ear during sex, such as adding another guy, fucking in public etc. So one day, she says she wants to go to an adult theater. We went in and sat in the next to the back row well away from the isle. Once settled in and having let our eyes adjust to the darkness, she began to notice all the men playing with their cocks nearby and she got turned on. I unzipped my shorts and took out my cock, nudging for her to play with it. After a couple of minutes, my balls were tight and my cock had precum oozing out. I reached across the seat and undid her shirt, exposing both of her breasts in her bra. With her other hand, she pulled down her bra, allowing me to fondle her breasts and play with her nipples (she loves that). A young man sat down a few seats over and started to watch us. I was too preoccupied with Laura's tits to notice anything until she whispered in my ear that he was stroking a rather nice large cock. She told me to invite him closer. I motioned to him to sit next to us, and he immediately moved over, still stroking his cock as he stood. She watched for a min and then he took his hand away, letting his cock stick straight up. I whispered for her to play with him, so she reached over and began to stroke his cock. He reached over and began to play with one of her breasts while I played with the other one. At this point, her skirt had ridden pretty high up and he started caressing her leg, and then I heard her sigh deeply as he then slowly moved up to her freshly shaved cunt, which by the way was now was dripping wet! He fingered her while she continued to stroke our cocks. At this point he began to squirm and moan rather loudly, stating that he was about to cum. Without any warning, she suddenly leaned over and took his cock into her mouth and started to suck that throbbing cock. That was all he could take, he suddenly exploded a large load of hot cum deep in her throat. She swallowed every drop, continuing to suck his cock, milking him dry. She leaned over to me, smiled and said, "Mmmmm, that was good." After a few minutes had gone by, he asked if he could taste her pussy. She looked me and I nodded my approval. He slid down on the floor in front of her (it was a tight fit), she slid to the edge of the seat and propped her legs on the chairs in front of us and let him eat her pussy. I leaned over and gave her a long wet kiss, tasting his the remains of his salty cum in her mouth. I was still playing with both of her breasts as our new friend continued to eat her cunt. By now, we had several other men watching which in turn this really got her turned on! Another man moved over by her & she immediately started stroking his cock. It was rather small, but she didn't care. She had his cock in one hand, mine in the other, my hands on her breasts and a tongue bringing her hot cunt to a massive orgasm. All of this action was too much for the recent friend as he exclaimed he was starting to cum. Laura immediately leaned over and took his cock in her mouth pulling his ass pushing that cock deeper in her mouth. While his cock wasn't as big, he just couldn't stop shooting cum in her mouth, it was leaking out the sides and it was all she could do to take what seamed like four big loads in succession! The man between her legs had been licking her pussy and asshole, taking turns sliding in one and two fingers into each hole. The man between her legs straightened up and was hard as a rock. He asked if he could fuck her? I pulled out a condom, opened it, grabbed his cock and slid it on for him. She turned around kneeling on the chair and he eased into her soaking wet cunt. He was slowly pumping his cock in and out of her. I reached across her bottom and started to slide my finger in her ass as he was fucking her pussy. The small dick man had moved off and someone else had moved in. She started to stroke his cock and moved around behind our row. The man fucking her took at least 5-10 minutes to cum, all the while Laura was going though climax after climax every few min. He came hard, thrusting deep inside of her cunt and not a minute later the cock she was sucking shot his gift into her mouth. She was a little tired, so we rested and watched the movie a few minutes. I started to lightly massage her clit and could tell she was getting wet and hot again. This time I paid more attention to her asshole. Another man came over and asked if she was hungry. She said she was ready. I stood her up and turned her around, exposing her pussy and ass to my tongue. After a several minutes of licking her from behind, I pressed the head of my cock against her asshole. She pushed back on my fuckstick, pushing me deep into her ass. Our new friend had positioned him so that she could suck his cock as I fucked her in the ass. A few minutes later he filled her mouth with a new load of cum. All the while she just let me thrust in and out with my cock bringing her to orgasm after orgasm. I grunted I was about to cum when she grabbed my ass pulling me as deep into her ass as I could go and then I filled her up completely. I could feel her ass tighten and milk my cock as I pumped hot cum into her asshole. Feeling tired at this point, we left the theater and went into an arcade booth where I spent 10 min eating her pussy and ass clean, sucking her well-fucked cunt until I brought her to another huge climax! I love to eat & suck a well-fucked cunt!!
Hi, I was in Long Island last weekend and on the way home on Sunday I stopped by a couple of adult bookstores - Cherri and Show World. What GREAT places. Both have theater/lounges with couches and padded benches. Both places were slow, but I did make a couple of connections. Got naked and 69 with a guy ... a couple of other guys watched. Sucked him until he came in my mouth. Went to the other store, and sucked a guy in a semi private area ... I'm definitley going back and hoping it;s busier!!!! Wish my gf was still around, she would have loved the places!!! Anyone in NJ/metro NY want to join me on my next trip?
Duluth there a couples movie theater in Duluth? If so, can you give us the address and any experiences you have had there. THANKS
if you are ever in the clarksville,in..area,you have to check Theater X out,,A very hot place to be,,all the hard cock you can want,,fri and sat nites are couples night in one of the big walk-in theaters,,,hot,hot action
I was at a adult porn theater in san antonio. fantastic. I was high on poppers, and met a guy in the common room. he was soon buried in my ass and I discovered he was so long, I could bend over with is dick in my pussy and I could suck the audience. end result. my pussy hole cream pied and the cum of six guys in my stomach!
Hey, Dick, I think I know the theater you mean. Is it south of San Antonio, just off I-35? If so, I visited there for the first time yesterday and got a mouthful of grandpa cock. Can't wait to go back.
anyone know of theaters and/or active Glory holes in the East TN area? Knox. and surrounding area,, Chatt etc... would really luv to find a place to play and be played with while there.
I've been going to adult theaters for years...first got introduced to the bi side of my being through a GF who liked to to to adult theaters, get naked and fuck me there in public...then as the other guys surrounded us, they would play with her tits; she would blow everyone, some guys were playing with my balls and ass until I used to getting cum all over me and eventually tried giving head, an idea that the GF suggested..found out that I like it all...went to Adult theater today in East Houston...wore my nylon running shorts with nothing else, Tshirt...went in, sat down next to an old was quiet in there, then after my eyes adjusted I saw that he had his cock out...we were on a bench, so I edged closer and started going down on his cock, he pulled my shorts completely off and started fingering my ass...he couldn't get too hard, however, there was plenty of precum...a few minutes later another old guy came in, dropped his pants and pulled my ass over in front of him, rubbing his cock on my back, then he stuck his thumb in my ass and played with my balls with his fingers, all the same time I'm sucking the other cock, which was flooding with precum at this point...I couldn't stand it..blew my was FANTASTIC! Would love to go back tomorrow and do it all over again....
- I had been visiting the adult bookstores around Albuquerque and Santa Fe with my ex-wife, and my significant others, since I moved to the city from the reservation since 1999. I had enjoyed the booths, undress nude,to masturbate, to have sex with my wife, girlfriends and to suck cock and bottom for discrete booty calls. -It's another story I will share soon, in I finally found the courage to undress completely naked inside a packed adult theater, and I bottomed, at the 98th Street Adult Video on Albuquerque's westside!
I'm just wondering where I can go in Albuquerque to meet females or males or tranny in a theater
Someone know a adult theater en Tulsa Oklahoma?
I always had a desire to touch and suck a big hard cock through a glory hole
I’d love to experience a glory hole and theater in Texas around Waco or Temple área.
Yessss there fun
Dressed up slutty one night, pnp And went to the theater, it was packed, wow! When I walked in, I went to a booth, Put some porn on, pulled my shorts off, just wearing my tiny little booty shorts thigh high socks, long sleeve spandex shirt, with a little make up. ..a hat with long hair in soon as I begin rubbing between my legs, a cock came threw the gloryhole, as I got on my knees, and being sucking. a guy walked in, as I turned to look he pushed his cock in my mouth and started making me deep throat. I sucked both off,,...I was then turned towards the door, facing this guy as he pinned me again the wall, face fucked me as I sat down on my ass, he pushed my head against the wall and made me swallow all his cock. Then another guy came and fucked me the same way, down my throat. I was stroking 2 cocks and getting face fucked by at least 3, I could see that there was people looking one started to cum in my mouth, I tried to pull out, but he made me swallow his cum, filling it drip down my throat, almost made me cum.. Then the other guy, shoving his cock in my mouth, then stroking it as he cam in my mouth and on my face. ...I swallowed his cum start sucking both cocks on each side of the booth.....I had to stand up for a min. To catch my breath, but was quickly told to sit down, as this guy walked in sat down and pulled my shorts off. fucking me, then had me sit the length of his thick huge cock against my ass... A little to thick to just push inside me and 9in lips wrapped around his thick cock. y. ...I felt how big that Cock asked me to meet him and his friend in the theater. ..I said okay, I would. ..I walked out of the both, with just my slutty clothes on as strangers groped me, telling me to let them fuck me. asked if I wanted to get high, I said, fuck, I better do a little bit. gave me a line, had my take 3 huge bubble hits...... Then made me get on my knees, and suck 3-4 cocks at same time. I was yanked and pulled, getting cock shoved in my mouth. I swallowed hot silky cum, as my mouth got filled.... I got up, pushing my way out of that booth. ..I was so fucking horney, I lost all inubiquitous all control, and was almost going spread my legs open, laying on my stomach, and let whoever wanted to, fuck my tight throbbing ass, making me a little slut for sure. .. But I stopped at the last moment. . Got back on my knees, and sucked a couple more hard cocks, for a few seconds. .. I got up and went out to my car. .. For a smoke. return back into the porn a back hidden room. ties, straps etc..
Man that sounds like fun. I always wanted to get dropped in the middle of something like that where there were guys everywhere lined up to fuck my ass then move to my mouth to finish while the next in line takes me from behind
Where are these adult theaters I've never seen one
Where can I find a good one to be fucked and suck some cock in Virginia ?
Just adult stores no adult movies places in Cleveland any more when I early twenties had oral sex with other men but seemed to close downhill all the adult movie houses that I miss a lot now
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