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If anyone needs a slave, check my profile and get back to me!
take me use me"":)
Would love to be a sex slave for MF, MM and/or FF couples!
i would love to be used for sex by any and all. A Master/slave situation would be the most perfect!
i would love to be a sex slave at your disposal anything you like
I had the pleasure of playing sex slave to a bisexual couple...I was blindfolded and tied up and made to suck him off while she fucked me with her strap-on and then I had to eat her out while he fucked me... and that was just the start of a 10 hour session... I went away feeling very satisfied.;)
I'd love to be a slave...any couples intersted? :)
i am nothing but a slave, call me up and use me any way you want.
This is like my BIGGEST be a sex toy for some couple and be subject to their every whim! I would love to talk to you about it, if you're interested! I am VERY good at following instructions!!!
Nice pics eriecountyhound!! The things I could do to you.
This is a definite fantasy of mine! I would love to find some couples to serve!
WhipThong Blowjob :-P Fucking
I would Love to find another couple who is interested in having a sex slave at their disposal who is interested in Blowjob :-P and Sex If you are in the Florida panhadle or surropunding area send me an email...
MAY I ? ?
I would love to be a couples sex cslave....
slave looking for M,F or couple in UK to be used how you please.Like being tied up and used.
would love to be a slave
Make me your slave, spank me, tie me up, whip me, make me kiss and lick both of you all over and use my me as your sex toy.
white gay sex slaves for dominating black men Flower
I'll be your slave Kiss
I have had several experiences with a Couple in which the husband was Dominant and bisexual. They spent the day using me sexually for whatever they wanted. Thats is more fun than a guy can stand in a single day!!! LOL!!!HugHjavascript:addicon(' Hug')ug
This is my ultimate fantasy. Pleas let me be ur sex slave.
Live in sex slave ill do what ever you want when ever you want to who ever you want anywhere you want and ill make sure that both of you are more then satisfied its a long time dream of mine someone please help me make it come true
As long as everyone agrees on what's acceptable before hand "Take me, my mouth, ass, and body are yours to do as you wish"...:-)
Is your marriage stressing you out? Is the passion fading? I put your minds at ease and help couples relax. And then I rev up the sexual energy. You'll forget about your relationship woes and want to fuck like rabbits in no time!
Sex Slave For Couple on Bisexual PlaygroundSex Slave For Couple on Bisexual PlaygroundSex Slave For Couple on Bisexual PlaygroundSex Slave For Couple on Bisexual Playground

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