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Has anyone fucked there sister in law?
I was able to spend the night with my wife and sister-inlaw one night after a night of drinking on the town and have to say that I truly enjoyed not only being able to have my sister-inlaw suck my cock and being able to fuck, but the fact that my wife was with us in bed the whole time made it even more special. Needless to say it was a very "Special Night" that I'll always remember....Kiss Hug Flower
i did. she fucked me first, then him. wow. it was a first for all of us and i love it.
My older bro married his wife when she was 15 and i was 12. she let me start fucking her a year later, it started one night when he was gone on the road and we were watching tv lieing on a daybed, she let me feel her up and finger her pussy under the covers, but we could'nt do any more because her little sister was there [fucked her too another story] but the next morn i got up early went to her room where she was waiting man it was so hot fucking her knowing who she was. we're still fucking off and on last time was about a year ago and its still hot.
My brother and his exwife were swingers. When I was about 18 we were all getting drunk and ended up in their bedroom. I didn't know at the time that they were swingers. It was me, my brother, his wife and my step sister. My brother is dominate so kind of told everyone what to do. I ate my step sister's pussy while he fucked his wife. My girl friend was passed out in the living room. After that I fucked her many time. My brother also is the one who taught me to suck dick when I was little so it was natural for me to start sucking his cock again. My sister in law loved to watch me sucking him. The rule was we couldn't have sex unless both were there. But my sister in law was hot and slutty so we started fucking all the time. I loved licking her pussy because when she came she was very loud. It was so hot. I miss it.
i so want to fuck my sisterinlaw. she is so naive, but sexy with it.
Well last night I had a blast my sister in law just turned 18 and she took a shower and when she was done she came out nude when I was in the hallway and we both looked at each other and went in her room and she took all my cloths off and said to me I was waiting for this for a long time she took my cock and sucked it for 5 min before she pushed me on the bed and stuck her pussy in front of my face she said at my pussy so I licked her and and her juice ran down my face and than she got up and incerted my cock in her pussy and I fucked her till I came all up in her she said I was the best she had so she wants to do it again every night
I hooked up with mine a couple times. This was my wife's brother's wife. They were staying with us for a while and one day while my wife was at work, hubby left and went out shopping. I was in the living room having some coffee when all the sudden I heard the shower start ran for about 5 minutes and I realized the door was open. I went past to act like I was going to make the bed in the spare bedroom. I stood there and watched her for a few minutes. She turned and asked if I was just gonna stand there and watch. She said I could either join her in the shower or dry her off. I chose to dry her off. After taking my time drying her off we went to the bedroom and I ate her pussy. I started to fuck her; but she said we couldn't since we didn't have any protection. I had to "settle" for a blowjob. I shot my load down her throat! Every time I look at the brother in law I want to ask him how my dick tastes!! :-D We've since fucked a couple times too. She says that at least our family get-togethers are alot more fun now! :)
I would love to but don't think it will happen
I'd love to fuck mine I know her pussy taste so good on her knickers
I have fucked my 2 sister in laws
Sex With Sister-in-law on Bisexual PlaygroundSex With Sister-in-law on Bisexual Playground

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